Sleeping Well After An Evening Breathwork Session

Sleeping Well After An Evening Breathwork Session

If you do a session in the evening, and you are hungry after the session, eating is fine and may actually support re-grounding you if it is not too late at night. Also, if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis after your evening sessions, you may want to not stay for the entire sharing session so there is a bit of time before you go to bed. If you have issues going to sleep, it is a result of continued processing after the session….it is not a bad thing as the conscious mind is quiet during sleep time so it gives your psyche time to continue to process important stuff. This can be especially true if you are in the middle of important life decisions or are considering a major change but you are not sure which way to go and may result in major insights or downloads that will be very helpful to you.

Also, if you have trouble sleeping, what I would suggest is that after your breathwork session, that you do the grounding exercise described in our blog post here. Also, just before bed, you can take a hot bath or do something else that will relax your body and your mind before sleep. Also, I would suggest that, after the session, if you are living with somebody, you agree with the other person not to bring anything up with each other that is emotionally unsettling…that you just talk to each other in a very sweet, supportive, loving way. That will quiet and settle your mind…

If you do Inner Child work in your life, I would also connect with your inner child before going to sleep and soothe him/her and tell him that both you and him/her will get a good night’s sleep and that you will speak to him again in the morning to check in.

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