What If I Fall Asleep During Breathwork?

First, we have to see if it was really sleep or falling into what we call a yogic trance state. The way you can tell is when you come out of the state, if you are clear and present, just go back to the breath, it was a yogic trance.  If when you come out of the state, if you feel a bit groggy, just like you took a nap, it was probably sleep.

If you did fall asleep, your body may have just needed it, especially if you have not been getting enough sleep in your life lately.  Also, even if you do fall asleep, you are still having an experience. The music is still playing in your ears, you are still feeling the support of the group energetically.  It is just on a much more subtle level than if you are awake.

But, if you fall asleep regularly, I have the following suggestions:

1)     Sit up instead of laying down when you breathe.  It is almost impossible to fall asleep when you are sitting up and if you do, your head will slump over, waking you up.  If that does not work, you can sit up without a back rest so your body has to have a certain amount of focus to stay straight

2)     When you feel yourself starting to go to sleep, put all of your focus and intention on your breath…when you are intently focusing on something,  it is almost impossible to fall asleep.

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