Yogic Trance in Breathwork: What It Is & How to Get the Most Out of It

Yogic Trance in Breathwork

During a breathwork session, you may occasionally encounter a phenomenon known as a “Yogic Trance.” Below you will find out what this is, how to distinguish it from falling asleep, and how to get the most out of this extraordinary state should it arise in your session.

What is a Yogic Trance?

A Yogic Trance, often referred to as “Samadhi” in yoga philosophy, is a profound state of meditative absorption or union that is central to the practice of yoga. It represents the highest stage of meditation and consciousness in various yoga traditions. It is characterized by a state of heightened awareness where you transcend the boundaries of individual self and ego, and experience deep inner peace, and a sense of unity with all things. During a Yogic Trance, the mind becomes still, and all distractions and mental fluctuations cease. 

It’s important to note that the experience of a Yogic Trance is highly subjective, and descriptions may vary among practitioners. It is typically achieved through a combination of meditation, self-discipline, and spiritual growth. However, it can manifest spontaneously during breathwork without any conscious effort, and even individuals who have never meditated before may encounter this phenomenon.

Falling Asleep Vs a Yogic Trance in Breathwork

A Yogic Trance is characterized by an extreme sense of relaxation, often prompting you to question whether you drifted into slumber. To distinguish between the Yogic Trance and actual sleep, pay attention to your state upon reawakening. If you find yourself feeling groggy and somewhat disoriented, it’s likely that you were asleep in the session. Conversely, if you experience a sharp sense of presence, with a clear awareness of your surroundings and an immediate return to focused breathing, you can be confident that you were indeed in a Yogic Trance.

How to Get the Most Out of a Yogic Trance in Breathwork

Some people feel disappointed after entering a Yogic Trance in breathwork because they fear nothing happened or worry that they may have fallen asleep in the session and ‘missed out’. If you go into a Yogic Trance, something IS happening, even if the ego mind would prefer something more dramatic. One thing to notice: do you feel more relaxed in your body than you have in the past? Deep rest and rejuvenation are often experienced during a Yogic Trance, and this state can help dissolve stress and induce a profound sense of relaxation.

If entering a yogic trance in breathwork brings up disappointment or frustration for you, dive into those feelings immediately while the music is still playing. Make the feelings BIG, move, and make “frustration” or “disappointment” sounds. You need to dive into the emotions, to allow your body to fully process them. As long as you let whatever wants to happen, happen and let the emotions be fully felt, they will find a pathway towards release. And this release will create the space that is needed for other feelings to flourish. 

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