The Breathwork Yogic Trance

The Breathwork Yogic Trance

At times during Breathwork sessions, you may experience something called a “Yogic Trance”. It’s a very relaxed state, in which you may almost wonder if you fell asleep.  You can tell the difference between the yogic trance and actual sleep by how you feel when you “come back”. If you are groggy and a bit disoriented, then it was sleep. If you feel totally present, know exactly where you are and what is happening, and just start in again with the breath, it was almost certainly a yogic trance.

If you go into yogic trance, something IS happening, even if the ego mind would prefer something more dramatic. One thing to notice: do you feel more relaxed in your body than you have in the past? Also, if you do go into yogic trance and it brings up disappointment or frustration when you come out of it, dive into those feelings immediately while the music is still playing, make them big, move and make “frustration” or “disappointment” sounds.  Dive into the emotions, to allow your body to fully process them.

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