Struggling to Drop Into a Breathwork Session? Here Are 3 Ways to Overcome It

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If you struggle with dropping into a breathwork session you are not alone. This is a common struggle and often the more pronounced the resistance to dropping in is, the greater the breakthrough that is wanting to occur. So if you find yourself feeling frustrated, don’t give up. Instead, try these 3 techniques to eliminate the struggle. 

3 Things You Can to Overcome the Struggle to Drop in During a Breathwork Session:

1) If you are feeling any emotion around it (it will usually be disappointment, frustration or anger), dive into the emotion. Make the emotion bigger and visualize it pulsing in every cell of your body. You can also make sounds to express the emotion and move your body. The chit-chat monkey mind and strong emotions cannot exist at the same time, so by directing your attention toward and amplifying the prevailing emotion, you will seamlessly drop into the session.

2) Do a focused meditation where you watch your thoughts come and go. Do not give them any energy or power, keep your full attention and focus on your body.

3) Amplify the power of your thoughts. Make them big and loud, like the chit-chat voice is screaming in your head, and see what happens. Sometimes when you amplify something to the max, it releases completely or it evokes a strong emotion which is waiting to be explored and processed.

Want to Join a Free Online Breathwork Session?

Our live, virtual Online Neurodynamic Breathwork sessions are hosted using  Zoom and last approximately 100 minutes. We offer breathwork sessions 6 -7 times per week, making Neurodynamic Breathwork an ideal choice for anyone who is wanting to create deep and lasting change with a regular breathwork practice. Find out more about our breathwork session process here.

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