NeuroDynamic Breathwork™

a two hour workshop to access the power within, release stuck emotions, get the answers you need, using only the breath and dynamic music 

NeuroDynamic Breathwork™

a two hour workshop to access the power within, release stuck emotions, get the answers you need, using only the breath and dynamic music 

What are NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Online Workshops?

NeuroDynamic Breathwork Workshops are 2 hour personal growth experiences structured specifically to allow for self-healing and self empowerment in which we use deeper focused breathing, sustained for a period of time, in a safe space created by the facilitator, while listening to dynamic music to process and release emotions, connect to our intuitive and creative impulse and improve health and well-being. The worldwide sharing group at the end of the session is an important part of the process and supports the integration of the experience.  Most breathwork workshops are practiced in person and require both significant monetary and time investments but NeuroDynamic Breathwork workshops can be done online and inexpensively from the comfort of your home 

In a recent survey of our current participants,  they reported the following benefits from NeuroDynamic Breathwork:

  • Trauma – 84% of those who came in with trauma issues have seen some or major improvement
  • Anxiety – 89% of those who came in with anxiety issues have seen some or major relief. 
  • Depression – 67% of those who suffer from depression have seen some or major relief 
  • Romantic Relationships – 52% of those who are in romantic relationships have noticed an improvement as a result of breathwork. 
  • Other benefits –  
  • Greater access to inner wisdom/inner guiding intelligence – 75%
  • Increased connection to intuition – 61%
  • Greater self awareness – 59%
  • Feeling more in their body – 58%
  • Feeling more connected to Source/the Divine – 55%
  • Increased trust in Self – 52%
  • Being more present in life – 47%
  • More clarity on life purpose – 42%
  • and much, much more!

NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ was created by Michael Stone using his extensive experience as a breathwork facilitator (Michael facilitated over 1000 breath workshops, starting as a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator) and his scientific background to enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to experience the benefits of regular breathwork sessions in a convenient, cost-effective format.

Why “Neuro” – Each of the five letters of N-E-U-R-O stands for a key feature of NeuroDynamic Breathwork Workshops:

NNondirective – One of the unique features of this breathwork is that it is Nondirective. Unlike almost all other forms of breathwork, the facilitator does not direct or guide your breathwork journey.  It is all guided from within your own being.

E – Empowerment – “The Answers Lie Within”. This is a modality that is based on the principle of Radical Self Empowerment, of looking inside for the answers you need instead of into the outside world.

UUnconscious Blockages –  Most of the things that are keeping us from manifesting the life we want are stored in our unconscious.  Neurodynamic Breathwork workshops allow direct access to the unconscious mind where we can become aware of our unconscious blockages, outdated thinking patterns and conditionings and bring them to  consciousness for healing.  

RRelease – This is a modality of Release – releasing stuck emotions, bioenergetic blocks in the body, and also old thinking patterns, ideas and ways of being that were developed in childhood but no longer serve us as adults.

OOrganic – This is an Organic process.  During a NeuroDynamic Breathwork Session, there is no use of substances, or anything unnatural.  All you need is the healing power of the breath and music.

Why “Dynamic”

Dynamic music is a necessary component of a NeuroDynamic Breathwork session and, combined with the breath,  stimulates a deep dive into our inner world and unconscious mind

Michael Stone Breathwork Facilitator
"... In my 12 year spiritual journey to heal myself I have gone through numerous meditation courses, have been trained as Reiki master and have even travelled to Peru to sit with a shaman and experience multiple plant medicine ceremonies. Nothing has compared to the healing I experienced today! The best part was that it was all my own doing by just using my breath. The power that each of us holds inside ourselves is unlimited if we allow the process to unfold."
Adam Carbary

We are a Global Community from over 120 countries that Breathes as One. Our Mission is to allow 10 Million People to Experience the power of Breathwork to Transform Our Collective Consciousness and Change the World!

“No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It.” – Albert Einstein

We want to bring breathwork to as many people as it takes to have an impact on world consciousness, to really make a difference in the world.

That’s why we’ve made a commitment with our Neurodynamic Breathwork Online workshops to make breathwork available to as many people as possible in the world. We are the first to create a live, facilitated weekly breathwork practice, available 20 or more times per month,  that is affordable and convenient so that thousands of people from around the globe can breathe together.


the First Facilitated Live Breath Workshop
available at least Five Times per Week
from the Comfort of Your Home

About Your NeuroDynamic Breathwork Session

NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Online Work?

Faster, deeper NeuroDynamic breathing combined with dynamic music allows us to quiet the ego mind an connect to our inner healing potential.  In the same way that our body knows exactly what to do to heal itself, our psyche also has a drive towards healing, wholeness and health.   However, our crazy ego mind and unconscious conditionings keep us from hearing this quiet soft voice inside.

Choose Regular NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Practice?

In a powerful two-hour Live Breathwork Workshop, you can experience an expanded state of awareness using the breath and dynamic music where your mind chatter subsides.

Our breathers report that by participating regularly in Neurodynamic Breathwork™ workshops, they gain:

∗ more Clarity on Purpose in Life 
∗ greater Access to Inner Wisdom and Connection to Intuition 
∗ increased Ability to Relax, more Calm and Peace 
∗ greater Trust in Themselves 
Relief from Anxiety and Grief

Together with our growing Global Community of people who regularly practice breathwork, you will Rewire Old Scripts  embedded in your brain that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.


Can You Expect from the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Session?

NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ is guided solely by your Inner Wisdom which always knows exactly what experience you need during the session.

The Entire Journey Usually Takes about 2 Hours and includes:

∗ an Introductory Talk  where everybody is given all the information they need to participate in online breathwork safely and have the deepest possible experience

∗ a 60 minute Breathing  session

∗ to a carefully composed, powerful Music Mix 

∗ with all participants breathing simultaneously 

∗ a Worldwide Sharing Session 

∗ and an Integration Talk 

NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ is based on the Fundamental Principle that
Everybody has an Innate Drive towards Wholeness, Health and Healing
and that all of the Answers Lie Within

Breathwork Online Sharing Circle

“For me, the sharing section at the end of each session has been an essential part of my ongoing breathwork experience. Often, I don’t have a clear sense of “what happened” during a session until I articulate it in a share, or someone else’s comment will trigger an important insight into my own experience that I would have missed otherwise. Also, the feeling of community that comes out of our mutual shares adds a whole other dimension to this work, reinforcing the sense of connection that we can so easily lose touch with in our modern society. And then there’s the invaluable feedback from the facilitators, whose insightfulness and compassion is on a par with any personal growth coaching or therapeutic work I’ve ever come across. Along with the carefully constructed introductions and the brilliantly programmed music, these sharing sessions complete the package, and help make this the most impactful personal/spiritual growth modality I’ve ever come across!” – Dana McCurdy

The facilitator’s role is to create a safe space where the participant can access their own inner guiding intelligence to have the experience they need at that moment. 

The purpose of the sharing circle, which is an essential part of each Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online session, is not only to allow participants to express themselves, but also for the facilitator to actively support the breather in bringing the benefits of their experience into their life and to support them in interpreting and understanding it.

Each participant is cared for and listened to. This is the only breathwork modality in the world where the facilitator stays as long as required to answer all questions and listen to all shares after the breathwork completes. Our goal is that every single breather feels seen and heard

“Our separation from each other is an optical illusion.”
― Albert Einstein

 Part of our mission is to change world consciousness, and the reason for introducing the sharing circle, is so that people feel connection and global support.

We believe that separation is what’s holding back the healing of the planet, what’s tearing the world apart. 

And we want people to have more visible experience that –


"... Some have asked me why I couldn't do such breathing practices alone using a music track.
I feel I achieved more because Breathwork Online supports your practice live in the privacy of your own home.
Over the years I've done more workshops and trainings than I can count. As a trained yoga teacher I'm very familiar with breathing practices. I would have thought I was familiar with my emotions too. How humbled I was!
I haven't experienced anything like this before. I honestly believe it can lessen suffering and highly recommend it.
In the future I hope to train in this modality."

Join A Worldwide Wave of Transformation

Breathwork Online community members from 120 countries

Come Join Our Community

Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online has been experienced by people from 120 different countries. 

Now you have a chance to become part of a cutting-edge, science-based new way to experience breathwork as a self healing, self empowerment life practice. 

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
― Albert Einstein

Over 60% of our regular breathers report a better connection to their “Inner wisdom” and intuition, and a deeper connection to themselves and Source.

Watch this video to hear firsthand incredible experiences that Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online participants have had during regular sessions.

We are honoured to be able to bring this breathwork modality, which creates such profound change, to the world. 

And encourage you to become part of our mission to shift the world consciousness. Learn how.

Practice Breathwork Online

Practice makes perfect

This is the only subscription in the world that offers live facilitated breathwork training online up to six days every week, allowing you to create a life-changing breathwork practice from the comfort of your own home that creates and strengthens new neural pathways to your Inner Guiding Intelligence.

Learn more about how to prepare for your first Online Breathwork Session here.

Dynamic music to power your breathwork meditation

NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ uses carefully curated evocative, dynamic  music to take you on powerful journeys into deep states of awareness using only sound and breath. You will join people from around the world to experience this growing virtual breathwork modality in an optimal balance of privacy and community.

Listen to a sample of music from a session!

“True Ground” by Byron Metcalf from the album “Shamanic Trance Dance” (Sounds True, 2016). Used with Permission

Breathwork Music


∗ Our professional facilitators will support each phase of your breathwork journey.

∗ We encourage you to review our preparation page before worshop.

∗ We follow a 13-layer Safety Protocol to create the safest possible container for our online breathwork events.

∗ We begin each session with a 30 minute introductory talk addressing any concerns you may have.

∗ Although the breathing session itself is a self-guided experience, we will stay with you throughout the journey and you can reach out to your Facilitator at any time.

We also stay with each participant as long as necessary after the breathing session so that every breather can share their experience and ask questions about their experience.  

We would stay the whole day if this is what it takes. This is because we want all of our participants to feel seen and heard.

It has been said time and time again by NDB™ participants that we take better care of our participants than anyone else. 

Take a look at the incredible shares below

Your Invitation to an Epic Life - Make NeuroDynamic Breathwork A Life-Transforming
Weekly Practice and Connect To Your Inner Guiding Intelligence In Your Everyday Life

Subscribe and Thrive

We have created this initiative in the format of a low-cost monthly breathwork workshop SUBSCRIPTION specifically so that you can commit to a weekly neurodynamic breathing practice and bring the benefits of breathwork into your life in the most powerful possible way.  

We offer 20 live breathwork sessions every month with our seasoned breathwork professionals (see below for bios) every month for you to choose from.

Regular sessions will create a stronger connection to your “inner intelligence” so that you can access it in your everyday life.  Some of the benefits that our regular breathers report are shown below

All of these results and more are potentially available to you with a regular breathwork practice.


To get clarity on your purpose in life?

To manage stress better in your life?

To learn to trust yourself more?

To feel more calm and peaceful?

To feel more connected to yourself and to others?

Participants from over 120 countries confirm the power of the Neurodynamic Breathwork™ modality!

They report breathwork benefits such as the following

greater access to inner wisdom 64%
increased connection to intuition 60%
greater self-awareness 60%
increased ability to relax 56%
increased calm & peace 54%
increased connection to Source 51%
increased ability to manage stress better in the moment 47%
increased trust in self 45%
more clarity on their purpose 45%
relief from anxiety 40%
release of grief 40%

Results of Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online Research

Results of Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online Research

Inner Guiding Intelligence

Access your inner guiding intelligence

Breathwork Meditation

Find calm & piece, relieve stress & anxiety

Breathwork Meditation

Increase self awareness & connect to inuition

Breathwork connection to Source

Connect to Source

Purpose Freedom Peace

Gain clarity on your life  purpose

Become a Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator
Through our Unique Online Facilitator Teaching Training

"... Thank you again to Michael, Saemi and the tribe for this offering and holding space for one another.
I will forever be changed and grateful for this amazing work and look forward to taking the training course once it becomes available.
I cannot express my gratitude enough! If you want to take the power back in your hands to heal yourself and therefore heal the world look no further than this amazing work that is Neurodynamic Breathwork."
Adam Carbary

The Next Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator Teaching Training starts in AUGUST 2022!



Years of Combined Experience Leading Breath Workshops


Hours of 6-Months Comprehensive Holistic Teaching Program


% of Curriculum Devoted to the Personal Development Component


Special Guest Speakers Teaching Unique Complementary Modules

Our Breathwork Participants Say

"I found Breathwork Online with Michael Stone and it has just been life-changing.

With breathwork you go deep down inside and you work on healing yourself with things that you've pushed down or don't want to deal with."

"The first few sessions I did with NDB there was a big release of the life of regret that I was living.

I'm so grateful I get to participate in this wonderful experience as much as I woud like"

"I’ve done many kinds of breathwork and this for me is the one that has really resonated the most.

...doing it in this routine way really strengthened that brain muscle for me. I’m getting a lot more clarity around who I am and how I move through the world.
...I pretty much unconditionally recommend somebody trying this to see how it might feel."

Without question this is the most powerful modality I’ve ever experienced...

...It allows me to go to a place that I’ve never been able to access through any other type of therapy.

...the privacy that I can do it in my own home...’s self-guided...whatever your body, mind, soul needs, - this is the way.

.. A lot of times you’re doing it simultaneously with 100s of people around the world...that energy somehow effects your own journey.

"What Michael has created for NDB really is quite remarkable.

...Nowhere else this breathwork is so accessible and so affordable and it really is a transformative experience.
...breathwork is really relevant to healing and shifting every conceivable aspect of our lives.

I’m really grateful to be part of this community."

"...When I first heard about online breathwork I thought it was a little weird, but I actually, believe it or not, prefer this even to an in-person breathwork class.

it’s kind of neat just to be alone in my house when that happens.

But I’m so connected with everybody else.

And the sharing that happens at the end of the sessions is really important."

"I went from the best situations to the worst situations.

I was able to heal a lot of that and to relieve the parts that I needed to.
I’m really grateful, because through the breathwork it’s given me a place to be other than externally in my body.

People don’t realise. You need the community’s energy."

"I love that this is a global community.

One thing that I love about this silent breathing is you're really encouraged to follow your own inner guidance.

...the breathwork has allowed for me to accept myself fully...

...breathwork is an amazing way to gain new perspective on everything that you’re working through in your life."

See Who's Talking About Us

Healing the world through science-based breathwork technique that is accessible to everyone everywhere

"Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online is an evolutionary process in breathwork itself and can't help but add to the evolutionary consciousness of mankind."

Dr. Brack Jefferys, PhD, LCMHC, LCAS, CEO of the Center of Spiritual Emergence, Therapist and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator

our Breathwork Facilitators team

Michael Stone, creator of Neurodynamic Breathwork Online


A BS Chem Eng, MBA, an entrepreneur, and later a certified holotropic breathwork facilitator, the founder of Holotropic Breathwork LA with a decade of breathwork facilitating experience, Michael found his mission in life in bringing breathwork to the world, inventing a new type of breathwork modality called Neurodynamic Breathwork™, and making now breathwork accessible to the larger audience

Saemi Nakamura, Facilitator of Neurodynamic Breathwork Online


After an extraordinary story of moving from Tokyo to Hollywood and working in television for 20 years, which resulted in 4 inspirational books, Saemi first found Breathwork and then the teaching of Theory of an Advanced World – and now infuses both spreading the knowledge of how people can free themselves from their own conditioning

Glenn Girlando, Facilitator & Trainer of Neurodynamic Breathwork Online


After exploring a wide range of philosophies, religions, spiritual growth methods, and spiritual paths, Glenn found the two that resonated most with his soul were breathwork and astrology. He has led numerous Holotropic Breathworkshops for 16 years in Seattle, Pacific Northwest and Chicago and began working with Neurodynamic Breathwork™ in March 2018


Most frequent questions about brethwork training and answers

Our live, virtual Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online sessions last for approximately 100 minutes, and are hosted using Zoom conferencing software. We start by giving a short introductory talk, followed by a 55-minute breath workshop listening to powerful, evocative music. This deep fast breathing, while being bathed in the sound of carefully chosen music, allows you to quiet the thinking mind and access your amazing inner guiding intelligence. After the session, there will be time for some of the participants to share their transformational breathwork experience with the group.

Breathwork creates both a physiological and psychological impact on the brain. Physiologically, it causes loss of CO2. When the body compensates, the process of CO2 creation lowers blood acidity so you blood becomes more alkaline.

The lower CO2 results in decreased O2/Blood flow to some parts of the brain including parts of the Frontal Cortex which is a part of the Default Mode Network (DMN). The DMN plays a role in the creation of mental constructs, the most important of which is the Self, or Ego. When activity in the DMN falls off significantly, the ego mind can temporarily vanish.

The DMN also normally exerts inhibitory influence on other parts of the brain including the limbic regions that involve emotion and memory. When the DMN is suppressed, there is more activity in these regions which allows emotions and memories, including childhood traumas, to float from the unconscious to the surface of awareness so they can be worked on, processed and released.

In addition, during Breath workshop, participants are instructed to give themselves permission to release. This has a powerful impact on the psyche and can result in an experience starting for a participant even before the transformational breathing starts.

If you are a first time participant, you are required to read a PDF file entitled Preparatory Information For First Time Participants“. 

When the time for the breathwork meditation approaches, you will need to set up your space. You will be able to do the breath workshop either sitting in a comfortable chair or laying down. If you are lying down, please make sure to have enough space around you so that if you move around you will not bang into anything, especially around your head area.

Speakers or headphones will work for your session. You’ll want the music volume to be high enough to make you feel that you are being bathed in the sound but not so loud that it distorts. The better the internet connection, the better the sound quality of the music will be. A hardwired ethernet connection is ideal but a Wi-Fi system with good reception will also work.  Cell phones without Wi-Fi connection will sometimes not work due to poor receptivity. Cell phones with Wi-Fi will work but sound quality without earphones or ear buds is generally unacceptable.

Make sure you will not be disturbed during the breathwork meditation, so turn off your phone and put a “do not disturb” sign on your door if there are other people in your home.

You might want a blindfold or you can just close your eyes if you prefer.  If you continue with this breathwork training, the blindfold I recommend is called a Mindfold Sleep and Relaxation Mask (available on Amazon) but any blindfold will do.

Having Kleenex tissues, a bottle of water, and a cup nearby in case you feel like you have to spit, are also recommended.

It is ideal to do breathwork when your stomach is not too full. It is suggested to not eat anything at least 60 minutes before your session if possible, or, if you do, to just eat something very light.

Finally, although it is not required, you are more than welcome to have a friend in the room to hold space for you. It can be a wonderful connection-deepening shared experience.

To access the First-Time-Breathwork PDF Click Here

Breathwork results in certain specific physiological changes in the body and also can result in intense physical and emotional release. Therefore, for safety purposes, we do not allow persons with the following conditions to participate in a breath workshop:

1) Epilepsy

2) Detached Retina

3) Glaucoma

4) Prior diagnosis by a health professional of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia

4) If you have a current diagnosis by a healthcare professional of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), we recommend you check with your healthcare professional before participating

5) Osteoporosis that is serious enough whereby moving around actively could cause potential issues.

6) High Blood Pressure that is not controlled with medication.

7) Pregnancy

8) Cardiovascular disease and/or irregularities including prior heart attack

9) History of aneurysms in immediate family

10) Use of prescription blood thinning medications such as Coumadin

11) Hospitalization for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis during the past 10 years.

12) Strokes, seizures, TIAs or other brain/neurological condition or disease

13) Any other medical or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and/or emotional release.

Please email us at if you are unsure whether one or more of the above apply to you attend one of our breath workshops.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Confidentiality is important in these sessions so that all participants feel safe to share their experiences and be fully self-expressed during their breathing sessions. In order to be allowed to participate in one of our breath workshops, you must agree to not discuss any other participant’s experience or anything that another person shares in a way in which that participant can in any way be identified and also to not audio or video tape any portion of the breathwork session.

Below are our suggestions for supporting your integration process after your Breathwork training session. If, after reading through them, you have any questions, you can email us at:


To learn more about post-Breathwork integration Click Here

We offer monthly breathwork online memberships starting at $49 a month, so  if you plan on doing two or more Breathwork training sessions a month this is your best option. 

If you aim to practice Breathwork with your partner, a couples membership is available for $59 a month. This is easily the best value for two people.

See the link below for your options!

August 28

inner child meditation & breathwork

Connect with your Child Mind, create new wiring in your brain and deepen your Breathwork practice