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My experience during the Neurodynamic Breathwork Online workshop truly gave me a new birth and life! I found my life purpose last night !!! For almost the last 20 years I have gone to class and seminar after seminar and these breathwork meditations have been the most powerful and graceful form of personal growth and integration I have experienced. I am excited to make NDB a part of my ongoing spiritual practice !!!! Thank you, Michael, for making this available and for your loving compassionate energy. Thank you.


I came in to this Neurodynamic Breathwork Online experience with no expectations.  Previously, I had only done sound baths. However, very quickly, I went to what felt like another dimension. I floated among the stars and I was like ” so it is what happens when we die. Is this where we come from?” I remember thinking in a flash “maybe humans are stuck on earth because we have forgotten our ability to float among galaxies”. I became part of the scenery of the galaxies then felt overwhelmed by the beauty of life and death, wanting to laugh and cry of joy at the same time. I stopped the breathing at one point because I didn’t feel I needed to breath at all. I kept feeling so grateful thinking it was such an amazing beautiful experience. Sound baths are great, but this was much more powerful for me.


I was skeptical that doing an online breathwork experience would take me to the same depth of experience as other in-person breathwork sessions that I’ve done.  I was wrong!   I was blown away at the ease with which I was able to get out of my day to day mind and surrender to a deep, mind-expanding, healing experience!  Wow!  All that after work in 90 minutes without leaving my home!  I’m sold!  Thank you, Michael, for creating such a safe space for me to have my experience, you are amazing!


Neurodynamic Breathwork Online – Your Pathway To Ultimate Freedom

After facilitating some of the largest in-person breathwork workshops in the world for almost a decade, I have spent the last five years working with almost two thousand participants to invent a new type of breathwork modality that is effective in an online setting. I finally cracked the code and it has literally changed my world and the world of people who participate in the workshops. I named it Neurodynamic Breathwork © (NB) from “neuro” (pertaining to the nervous system) and “dynamic” (from the Greek dynamikos – meaning powerful).

We are all born with a magnificent intelligence which regulates our body and brain and sustains our lives. However, our crowded, conditioned mind automatically connects with the same old thinking patterns and traps ourselves into repetitive emotional dramas. When that happens we have no idea how to access this inner intelligence. As a matter of fact, most of us are not even aware that we have this unfathomable intelligence within ourselves. These live group online breathwork sessions are one of the most effective ways to create neural pathways to wake up to your true nature by connecting with your own magnificence and your highest intelligence. Participating on a regular basis strengthens the neural pathway to your inner intelligence. It also changes your perspective so you realize that you already have all of the answers inside of you which allows you to feel fully self-empowered and self-expressed in your everyday life. In an approximately ninety minute powerful live Neurodynamic Breathwork Online (or just “Breathwork Online” for short) Workshop which includes a 50 minute breathing session to a carefully designed music set, you can experience an expanded state of awareness where your mind chatter subsides. This makes it possible for you to access the inner guidance which resides inside of you. Read More

About Michael Stone

Michael Stone, BS Chem Eng, MBA, a breathwork facilitator since 2009, creator of Neurodynamic Breathwork, co-founder of the  “Train Your Brain, Master Your Life” Workshop,, was born and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. After spending the first 35 years of his life following a path that had been imprinted on him through cultural and family conditioning, he finally stepped into his own creative potential and quit his upper management job in a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company to become an entrepreneur, creating several successful multi-million dollar online and offline businesses. Neurodynamic Breathwork Online is a new breathwork modality that he has invented in order to allow participants to experience breathwork in an online setting.

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