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By Saemi Nakamura

Connect with Your Inner Child Mind


It’s time to start nurturing the most important relationship of your life, to… YOURSELF .

Saemi will guide you through the process of acknowledging, meeting and welcoming your Inner Child, which over time will enable you to recognize your self-inflicted limitations or harmful self-definitions stored in your Child Mind and reframe your destructive self-images or certain narratives.

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TAW Counselor
Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
"Train Your Brain" Co-Creator
Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator


TAW Counselor
Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
"Train Your Brain" Co-Creator
Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator

Saemi is devoted to permeating the knowledge of how people can free themselves from their own conditioning. Her hope is that everyone will discover the way to access one's own divine essence and experience true freedom.

“Is there something more to life?” “What is the meaning of life?” “What is the purpose of my life?”

These questions prompted Saemi to leave her comfortable life in Tokyo years ago and come to the United States to find out who she is.

Her journey led her through building an acting career in Hollywood, publishing an inspirational memoir (followed by three more books), and eventually to Breathwork and spreading the knowledge of the Theory of an Advanced World and Fractal Psychology, an innovative theory of Mau Isshiki, from who she received personal training in 2016.

Create A Neural Pathway Between Adult Mind & Child Mind

We think that as we grow older, our brains grow older too.
But Child Mind stays with us forever, controlling our lives unconsciously, unless Adult Mind TAKES CHARGE.

Your Child Mind was developed at age 0-6, and that is the emotional part of the brain, the life force that contains tremendous energy and with proper guidance can manifest the desired results of your Adult Mind, a logical, rational part of the brain that has matured by age 25-30 and has the ability to problem solve.

When these two parts of the brain are well connected and the logical Adult Mind takes the leadership role and guides the emotional Child Mind, things go well. But when these two parts of the same brain are not connected and want to move in the opposite direction, then conflicts, dramas and self-sabotaging, destructive behaviors arise and dominate life.

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Based on the Theory of An Advanced World (TAW)

The main principle of TAW is “Thoughts Create Reality, 100% No Exceptions.”

Whatever problem you are experiencing, there is a cause inside of your Deep Consciousness.

Theory of an Advanced World is a mother theory of TAW Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology are built on.

TAW reveals the structure of the world and how this seemingly tangible reality is manifested.

In her deeper sessions, Saemi uses guided meditations to guide her clients to examine the specific memory in the Child Mind that contains unconscious blocks that have prevented the client from moving forward in their life.

In this “Inner Child Meditation & Breathwork Session”, together we will take a very important first step in recognizing the existence of your Child Mind within you so that you can begin to nurture the most important relationship of your life, the one with yourself, by cultivating self-compassion and self-love.

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My session with Saemi was cathartic. Even though I was already aware of some of the sources of my struggles, Saemi’s techniques brought me back to relive some of my childhood traumas emotionally. That enabled me to process my pain as a high functioning adult rather than as a child. The effects of my session have been ongoing. I have been able to release emotions of anger I knew I had but didn’t know how to let them out. My experience was truly transformative and the session with Saemi opened a door to healing I longed for but didn’t know how to open myself. I feel like I can start living a life I fully own, without being weighted down by feelings that don’t belong to me anymore. I will always be grateful for that.

Monica (Saemi's Private Sessions Client)

Los Angeles, CA

What you will experience in the Session

Step 1:

Introductory Presentation

Saemi will guide you through a short introductory presentation and answer your questions.

Step 2:

Guided Meditation

The Session begins with a 20-minute Inner Child Guided Meditation, where you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with your Inner Child.

Step 3:

Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Session

You will then dive right into the deep 60-minute Breathwork accompanied by carefully curated music set.

Step 4:

After-Session Sharing Circle

Saemi will stay as long as it takes to answer your questions and hear your shares (only if you wish to share) to close the Session and help you integrate your experience. 

People Share...

Testimonials from Saemi’s “Theory of an Advanced World” counseling and “Inner Child Work” clients (find out more about Saemi’s fantastic work here).​

“Having lived under a self imposed radar for most of my life, not really understanding why I was the way I was or why I couldn't seem to better my life without mental and emotional agony and blaming external sources for my sadness, the one session I have had with Saemi has been like a huge break in the clouds. It is without doubt the fastest transformation I have ever made. There is of course always ongoing inner work to do but I feel empowered and like a wall has come down around me. In a short time, life feels lighter, my outlook way more colorful and my inner world in far less turmoil than before..”

Natalie Huntsman, U.K.

"I've suffered from depression and self-loathing all my life. After years of psychotherapy, SSRI’s, self-help books and support groups, I was beginning to believe I'd be depressed for the rest of my life. But during my first session I was brought into a new understanding of who I am and what is really going on inside me. The little 3 year old girl inside me was the fractal through which I viewed my reality as an adult. I now have a hope I didn't have before that I can learn to love the little girl inside and all of me. I am beginning to see clearly that the debilitating depression, self-sabotage and hopelessness I experience actually can be transformed. I'm still very much in process but I'm starting to believe that it really is possible to be the amazing woman I am. I'm so grateful for this process and for Saemi and her gentle healing way of guiding me into wholeness and life.”

Rachel Boyer, MA, MFTI

“After feeling unsatisfied both professionally and personally for a while, I got to a point where I started having health issues. After my first session, my health, as well as my marriage, feel re-energized. And after my 4th session, I got this renewed energy and getting progressively better at everything I do and the excitement of continue exploring my potential. Even a friend of mine told me that I was like shining from the inside and looking really well. And then, I stopped experiencing any physical symptoms that I've had before! I couldn't believe it. I have diligently worked with those healing meditations that Saemi had created for me and then my symptoms just disappeared. The doctors eventually couldn't explain it either. Now I'm a true believer in the work that Saemi has been offering and in the power of self-healing.”

Maryna, Washington, D.C.

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The next Inner Child Meditation and Breathwork will be held on August 28.

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This process is similar to parenting: It takes time and patience, but the work is definitely worth it!


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