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Next Training:  Begins August 2021.   

Do you feel the calling to make a difference in the world and contribute to other people’s lives through breathwork?  To effectively share breathwork with others and lead powerful and transformative breathwork sessions and workshops?  We invite you to submit an application to our cutting-edge 6-month facilitator teacher training program.

We've Pooled Our Team's 37 Collective Years of Breathwork Facilitation and Teaching Experiences... bring you one of the best breathwork teacher training programs
you will find today, in terms of quality, depth, value & student ratio.

At the completion of our program, you will be a certified Neurodynamic Breathwork© Facilitator and be ready and able to lead both in-person and online Neurodynamic Breathwork© Workshops

We invite you to join our comprehensive, cutting-edge, 380-hour facilitator teacher training program. We’ve pooled our Neurodynamic Breathwork facilitator teacher training team’s collective 37-years of breathwork facilitation and teaching experiences and 59 collective years of utilizing breathwork for our own personal development to come up with what we feel is the perfect combination of key breathwork knowledge, self-awareness training, experiential learning, logistical details, and support.

We’ve taken all of our breathwork teaching team’s learned experiences from being present for over 30,000 attendees in live breathwork sessions — and we’ve condensed it to its essence, in a way where the majority can be learned online. After the online portion, we’ll conclude our new program with a final 7-day in-person Facilitator Certification Completion Retreat which will cover everything else.

When you complete our breathwork teacher training, you will be equipped with all of the tools you need to go out into the world and feel fully prepared, fully grounded, fully confident, and fully supported to lead your own breathwork workshops or one-on-one session

Why An In-Depth Training Is Critical

It’s very important to have go through a complete, in-depth breathwork teacher training program.  People’s lives are in your hands.  You’re working with them in expanded states of awareness where they are extremely vulnerable.  Some of them will have experienced trauma — even intense trauma.  You need to know that you can responsibly work with whatever comes up in a workshop.

If you want to be a breathwork teacher and facilitator who feels prepared for all of the subtleties and intricacies of your participants’ breathwork journeys, then you will love the program we’ve put together for you!

You’re going to feel fully supported from the moment you are accepted into our program, through all the work we’ll do together, through your practical experiences during the program (yes, you’ll have many opportunities to practice what you’re learning), through our final week of in-person Facilitator Integration Camp… AND BEYOND, as you move forward and start leading your own groups and 1-on-1 sessions.

"The Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilitator Training program is an excellent and transformational experience. Not only am I learning about the gift of breathwork but also detailed information about running sessions and creating a business around the practice. Two additional aspects that set this breathwork teacher training apart: an ethics component that encourages me to examine my blind spots around being a person who holds space for others and a personal development component that has taught me how to take full responsibility for all aspects of my life. If you’re ready to take your breathwork to a new level, I cannot recommend this enough"
Lisa M.
Current Participant

One-Third of Our Program Will be Devoted to Your Personal Development

The primary goal of the Self-Development component (led by Saemi Nakamura) of the Neurodynamic Breathwork© Facilitator Teacher Training Program is to help you  take responsibility for the full range of your emotional states.  This is an essential skill to facilitate effectively:  You need to be able to keep your personal issues and stories from influencing the participants in your workshops.

We will teach you specific methods to help you learn to deal with your emotions internally, instead of projecting them outside of yourself or pulling your participants into your internal conflicts and dramas.  We will train you to treat emotions as guides and symbols and not an enemy or nuisance. 

  • how to find your unconscious blocks and decode your unconscious thinking patterns (the ones that repeatedly manifest as emotional dramas),
  • how the mind operates and creates emotions
  • how to use your emotions as tools for learning and personal growth instead of having them use you
  • how to work with your “Inner Child/Child Mind” which will give you tools to see how and why you are getting in your own way
  • how to change others by changing yourself
  • how to change your story around your past
  • these tools will also help you to more effectively manifest your desired future

Opening to Greater Depths of Compassion

Diving into this deep inner work opens us to greater depths of compassion and love for ourselves and others.  When you complete our program, you will be capable of deeply supporting and caring for the breathers you work with, because you will be much more aware of your own inner world. The inner work you do with us will leave you feeling ready to create a safe container and run a workshop with confidence.  You will feel empowered to support your breathers in whatever experiences they may have.  This will ultimately bring healing to both you and your breathers and upgrade your level of awareness to become a more conscious being.

Remember:  You can only support others through the depths of their psyche to the degree that you’ve dived into your own psyche

Support After You Finish The Training

After You Complete the Program, You’ll Have Access to Our Facilitator Support Network

We feel strongly that we don’t want to train you to lead breathwork workshops and then send you off into the world without any support… so among other things, you’ll have access to our Monthly Facilitator Check-Ins after you’ve completed your training…

Monthly Facilitator Check-Ins

Once you’ve completed the training, we’re committed to giving you at least a once-per-month access to one of our team’s facilitators — to ask questions you may have as you begin to implement all the things you’ve learned in our program.  Additionally, you’ll have been through the full training with other soon-to-be-facilitators from all around the world.  We’ll do what we can to make it easy to connect with them as well.
Individual healing and global healing are inseparable.
When you facilitate Breathwork, you support both.

How the Program Works

Here are some of the key logistics of the NDB Breathwork Facilitator Training Program

  • Our next six month Neurodynamic  Breathwork facilitator training will begin in Sept 2021.  
  • The core of each training will be three live online training sessions per month, held on three Saturdays, beginning in the morning, at 9:00am US Pacific Time.  Sessions will last between 4.0 to 4.5 hours. 
  • Two of the three monthly training sessions will be on Key Topics in Breathwork Facilitation.  One will be on Facilitator Self-Awareness / Personal Development.
  • Prior to each Live Training Session, you’ll have access to that weeks training videos which you will watch prior to the live session at your own pace. The video material will cover the key components of that weeks lessons.  You’ll be expected to have watched the videos prior to attending the live training session.
  • Each online live session, we’ll dive much deeper into the content you’ve watched on video.  There will be small-group work, “breakout groups,” occasional guest speakers and more, so you can work with your fellow students to immerse more fully in the material.
  • Each facilitator trainee will receive a monthly 1-on-1 “Mentoring Call” with one of our facilitator team to discuss your personal goals and your progress through the program.
  • During the program every participant will set up and lead their own one-on-one session, as well as a small group (2 or more people, you decide), with support from facilitators and the group.
  • Every trainee will be paired with a second trainee — your study partner.  Prior to each live session, the two of you will meet to prepare for the class.
  • Final certification will include in-person attendance at our 7-day long Facilitator Training Completion Module where you will practice everything you’ve learned.  Note: If the pandemic makes it impossible to hold the in-person completion module, it will be postponed.  
  • Have more questions?  Email us

What You Will Learn


  • A bried history of breathwork
  • The science behind breathwork
  • The current breathwork landscape (modalities)
  • How breathwork fits into an overall health and well-being plan

Key Facilitation Skills

  • Contraindications: which ones are flexible, and which ones are NOT
  • What is Integration and why is it even more important than the breathwork session?
  • The full range of experiences that people may have during breathwork
  • Understanding and framing tetany
  • How to do “NDB Release Work” to work with the body to help participants reach completion/closure in their sessions
  •  Working with the Ego Mind
  • How to maintain clear energetic boundaries & stay grounded during a workshop

Leading Workshops

  • Conception, planning, and advertising
  • How to screen potential participants and the risks of skipping this step
  • Setting up the physical space
  • Creating a safe emotional container
  • Establishing ground-rules
  • Talking about expectations
  • Ice-breaking, inspirational exercises to warm your participants
  • Facilitating every aspect of the workshop
  • How to approach and help breathers come to closure
  • How to run a sharing circle and help people understand their experiences
  • Followup

Breathwork Music

  • How to select music for your breathwork workshops
  • How to put together your own music sets for your workshops

Communicating About Breathwork

  • Dealing with the public; talking to the public about breathwork
  • Frequently asked questions about breathwork and how to address them
  • How to frame difficult experiences
  • Communicating & supporting participants about “Last-Minute Resistance”


  • Training your workshop assistants
  • The ethics of breathwork facilitation – valuable and interesting points that will help you be the best facilitator you can be
  • When to trust the timing of a participant’s process and when to challenge them


  • The core principles which you must hold at the heart of every breathwork facilitation and workshop
  • Tips on how to keep your personal process where it belongs… to yourself, so that you may always be there with an open-heart and beginners mind to support the unfolding of each of your participants’ higher self expression
  • Projection 101:  What is projection and why is it potentially the most important concept in every single breathwork workshop you’ll ever run
  • How to receive the acknowledgement and adoration you’ll receive from participants without letting the ego get out of control
  • and much more!

Special Topics

  • What is Spiritual Emergency, and what does it have to do with breathwork?
  • Working with deep feelings (stuck/trapped/depressed)
  • Working with trauma
  • Working with fear, rage, boredom, and resistance
  • Working with breathwork with individuals in an online structure

Bonus Content

  • Breathwork Business Fundamentals 101
  • Webinar:  “Science of Breathwork”
  • What is a “sitter” & the benefits of including them in your workshops
  • The most challenging breathwork moments our team ever experienced and how we dealt with them.
  • Special training on using the software Mixmeister (for PC) to put together your breathwork music sets
  • All trainees will receive all of our talking points, our pre-workshop checklists, our pre-workshop participant screening questions, our post-workshop handouts, and more

Your Instructors

Many people tell us that breathwork is the one modality that they have ever experienced that can catalyze a major transformation in a single experience.

Pricing & Dates

Base Price 

The base price of our program is $5695, with several discounts available if you register early. These discounts could drop the price to as little as $4495 (a discount of $1,200). 

Note:  Base price does not include the final week-long in-person completion retreat.  Cost of retreat (room and board, no trans) will be approx $1,500 for double occ room, due 2 months before the starting day of the retreat. If you cannot attend the final in-person retreat, you will be certified to facilitate online breathwork sessions only until such time as you are able to.

Payment Plans for the Base Price

Payment plans are available, to pay for the Base Price over a period of 3 – 9 months.  

Dates of Program

There will be 3 live training sessions per month, on Saturday mornings, starting at 9:00am US Pacific Time and ending between 1:00pm and 1:30pm.

Beginning Date – Sept, 2021

Final Date – Feb, 2022


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Neurodynamic Breathwork is based on an interweaving of spirituality and science. We love science and always incorporate the most up-to-date scientific theories and understandings of breathwork into our training program.


Most frequent questions and answers (click to expand)
  • Three 4.0 – 4.5 hour live class sessions (modules) / month
  • Video Assignments (between each module)
  • Once-monthly Mentor Call with Michael or Glenn
  • Pre-Module checkins with your study buddy
  • Three private live online breathwork sessions exclusively for our group cohort
  • Regular attendance at our regularly scheduled breathwork sessions
  • Practicum:  In the second half of the program, you will setup one private one-on-one breathwork session with a friend or family member and sit for them
  • Practicum:  In the final two months of the program, you will setup your own local breathwork workshop.  At least two people must attend, and you’ll practice all the things you’ve learned in a real situation
  • A Final 6-day “Facilitation Integration Camp” next Sep., 2021, which will be held this time at Joshua Tree, California and is required in order to be certified to facilitate in-person workshops.  If it is impossible to hold this event due to the pandemic, it will be postponed.  If you cannot attend the in-person session, you will be certified to facilitate online breathwork sessions only.  We will be hosting this retreat once or twice every year and you are welcome to attend at any time if you cannot attend the one right after your facilitation training class.
  • To be a competent facilitator you must become aware and comfortable with your own inner world.
  • If your inner world is turbulent and chaotic, your outer world will be the same and will reflect in your work with others
  • The outer world is a mirror of your inner world.
  • All good facilitators must develop the ability to to bring anything that might come up in your inner world to internal self-completion without projecting it to your outer world, or your participants.
  • To be an effective facilitator, you must be willing to take an honest look at yourself instead of blaming others or circumstances in order to assess what you need to work on (i.e. Projection).

We have set the cap at 24-28 people to ensure that each person will get the highest possible facilitator to student ratio.

In our program, we will teach you to do live in-person group workshops, and one-on-one sessions both in-person and online.

Do you feel called to take the benefits that you’ve received
from breathwork and spread it around your world? Begin your journey by filling out the form below.

Base Price: $5695

Discounted Price: $4495

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