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Submission of applications for the next training program is open. We will start processing the submitted applications in October.

Next Online Breathwork Training Begins: March 4th 2023

Lead A Worldwide Wave of Transformation with Us


We've Pooled Our Team's 40 Collective Years of Breathwork Training Facilitation and Teaching Experiences... bring you one of the BEST BREATHWORK training program you will find today in terms of Quality Depth Value Student Ratio ...


"...The best most ethical, most loving more supportive, more present people are leading this program. Now, six months later, I am confident I'm ready, I'm excited to take this work into the world. And if you are considering starting this if you're considering enrolling in this program, that means there's something in you this telling you that this work is for you. And I just say DO it because you will not regret it."

NDB Training Program Graduate

Tim Wright

"The course covers everything you need to know to become a breathwork facilitator. It covers all the technical stuff, how to set up a breathwork session, how to do the intro talk and explain how everything works, how to do the legal forms and the waivers, how to set up a business, all of the ethical considerations. All of the things that you would normally expect to learn in a course on facilitation, you will learn that. You'll be extremely empowered and equipped to become a good facilitator. But that's only part of the story. The main the main thing about this course is the personal growth that you'll experience, you'll literally become a different person..."

NDB Training Program Graduate

Karen Nitsche

"...It's very serious program. You go in depth in the theory and the psychology and consciousness research. You get the skills that you need to become a good facilitator. You're really held and supported. You also get many hours to practice your facilitation skills. You work in pairs, you work in groups, so it's very interactive. One of the things that I love the most is that there is big part of self development where you have the opportunity to really take time to look and work on yourself."

NDB Training Program Graduate

Gary B.

"As somebody who has been on a lifelong path of development, and personal development, and overcoming chronic and clinical depression, and really working on myself to solve a lot of problems about feeling incomplete and empty - the breathwork program has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. And it has seen benefits not only in the way that I feel inside, but the way that I show up. The way that I show up in my relationships, the way that I show up in my work, and just the way that I show up in my day-to-day life."

NDB Training Program Graduate


"The community that you will become a part of is SO powerful. It's really neat that this course is offered virtually, because it allows for people all over the world to be a part of your journey that I think it enriches and impacts it in a way that is really special. The personal development portion that Saemi teaches is AMAZING and really needs to be brought to the whole world. I remember sitting in my room after our final class finished and just having this sense of wholeness and peace and completion in a way that I have not yet experienced upon completing other goals."

NDB Training Program Graduate

Helga C.

"I've learned so many new things above and beyond just facilitating breathwork session. I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned a lot about the psyche and being human on this planet in this time. And throughout the journey I've always felt extremely safe and supported, accepted and encouraged with going away from this with amazing skill and confidence, confidence that I also have the skills and taking it forward. And also just amazing people to back me: Michael and Glenn and Saemi are just amazing in in every way that you can expect from trainers."

NDB Training Program Graduate

Professional Teaching

Years of Combined Experience Leading Breath Workshops


Hours of 6-Months Comprehensive Holistic Teaching Program

Personal Development

% of Curriculum Devoted to Cutting-Edge Personal Development Program

Live Practicum Sessions

Sessions (6 online & 2 in-person) - to be Performed by Students to Graduate

PLUS ...

We are confident that there is NO OTHER Online Breathwork Facilitator Teaching training program on the planet that offers you as
 DEEP, COMPREHENSIVE, EXPERIENTIAL and DIVERSE material as we do here...

This is not merely an informational, but also a transformational program. You will not only receive a comprehensive training which will allow you to confidently Facilitate Breathwork Workshops both online and offline, but also the cutting edge personal development program. Past students tell us this program not only prepared them to lead workshops, but in many cases also transformed their relationships and life quality.

In the course of the facilitator training program, in addition to the high-quality breathwork training, many students also report going through a paradigm shift that has the potential to help you consciously navigate life from a completely different level of comprehension.

Our Breathwork Training Program Graduates Confirm

Verona D.

"..There is a phenomenal amount of deep inner work that one undertakes during this journey which strengthens you as a human being. It makes you a better person, a better facilitator. And it equips you to serve your breathers in a much more structured, strong, and confident way. You know that you're able to add value to somebody's life. Being able to hold a sacred space being present, and insuring someone else's safety is by no means a small task."

South Africa, Life Coach, NDB Training Program Graduate


"...Becoming a NeuroDynamic breathwork facilitator changed my life because I think it's it's one of the most valuable skills you can acquire in this time, learning how to trust, and to source, and to use your inner guidance, your inner intelligence and also how you can enable others to learn that, and to take responsibility for their life - and that's why I love this facilitation program. I totally recommend it to anybody who is built to do the work and who's willing to dive deep and to go on this journey together with Michael, Glenn, Saemi."

Head of QA, Germany, NDB Training Program Graduate

Woman with hands stretched above her head in the gesture of connecting to her inneWoman with hands stretched above head breathes calmly in gesture of connection with her higher self and wisdomr self

Do you feel the calling to make a difference in the world and contribute To The Lives Of Your Clients, Friends and Family?

We believe that in order to heal and uplift the world, it is essential to start with ourselves. Personal healing in inextricably linked to global healing. But, in addition, Neurodynamic Breathwork™ is one of the few modalities that can transform someone's life within a few initial sessions. It is a perfect technique to make a difference with your clients, friends and families and in many cases see immediate results in their lives. Many choose to become Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Facilitators for this reason alone.

If you’ve already tried our Breathwork sessions, you know how powerful they can be (if not, we encourage you to try your first free session HERE and check what our breathwork participants say HERE).

If you’ve already tried our Breathwork sessions, you know how powerful they can be (if not, we encourage you to try your first free session HERE and check what our breathwork participants say HERE).

Woman having a zoom session when doing breathwork training

Do you want to lead powerful transformative breath workshops both Online & Offline , Or Add Breathwork to Your Professional Skillset to Bring More Value to Your Clients?

When you complete our breathwork facilitator training, You will be equipped with all of the tools you need to go out into the world and lead your own breath workshops or individual sessions, both online and offline. You will get the benefit of our 40 years of breathwork training and experience condensed into six months to learn:
1) tips on starting your breathwork business
2) how to start to develop a client base
3) how to prepare for your breathwork workshop including how to screen participants and what paperwork you need them to sign (you will have access to thousands of dollars worth of legal documents including Medical Forms, Registration Forms and a Liability Release), and how to prepare the breathwork space
4) How to do an effective intro talk, how to effectively hold space for your breathers during your workshop and stay present and grounded as the lead facilitator, how to handle whatever scenarios may come up during their sessions, no matter how challenging, and how to set up an effective sharing circle at the end of the session.
5) How to put together a NeuroDynamic Breathwork music set
6) How to support breathers in integrating their experiences

and much, much more.

We are also finding that more and more participants who already have their own personal development, coaching or healing practice are choosing to study Neurodynamic Breathwork™ to combine this powerful technique with the modality they already specialize in and support their clients with a unique holistic skillset.

Woman sitting from behind on beach, watching sunset, with hands spread above head - symbolizes healing, connection to inner self, and freedom.

Do you want to Deepen Your Understanding Of Who You Are, Become A More Conscious Being, Heal & Improve Yourself, Your Personal Relationships and Your Life?

1/3 of our program is fully focused on Personal Development, based on the principles of an innovative approach to self-empowerment which many past students report has helped open them to a deeper understanding of their essential nature.

When you complete our breathwork facilitator training, you will be more aware of your own inner world and have a greater ability to access greater depths of compassion and love for yourself and others.

This will ultimately bring healing to you, which will in turn deepen your capacity to facilitate deeper breathwork experiences for others.

The inner work you do during Neurodynamic Breathwork™ training will not only leave you feeling ready to create a safe container and lead a breathing class with confidence, but will also help you be a better parent, partner, friend, and human b

Why Our Breathwork Training Program Is Unique

Why Our Breathwork Training Program Is Unique




Teaching Team

Teaching Team

40 Years of Combined Breathwork Facilitating Experience and Two Special Guest Speakers

Three primary teachers have an extensive experience of leading both in-person Holotropic Breathwork and NeuroDynamic (a powerful new, science-based breathwork modality that can be facilitated both online and in-person) workshops.

They have facilitated over 1000 NeuroDynamic Breathwork online sessions.

All of this experience and insight has gone into the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator Training program.

You’ll also benefit from the unique teachings of BRACK JEFFERYS and KYLEA TAYLOR. Each will help us shed light on two critical skill areas every breathwork facilitator should know before facilitating workshops.

Learning From the Creator of NeuroDynamic Breathwork

You will be learning directly from the creator of NeuroDynamic Breathwork Modality, who has been facilitating breathwork since 2009 and is a well-known name in the breathwork community

He has been a featured speaker at numerous international online conferences including:  The Embodiment Conference, The Trauma Superconference, The Breathing Festival, Shift Network’s annual Breath Summit and The Emerging Consciousness Global Online Festival, and has had articles written about him in magazines and newspapers such as the Elephant Journal, Yoga Journal, London Times and Luxx Magazine.

Michael has a scientific background and is passionate about neuroscience, which inspired him to create this powerful new science-based breathwork modality that can be facilitated both online and in-person and thus – practiced regularly to strengthen participants’ neural pathways.

Diving Deep into Your Psyche and Boosting Your Self-Awareness with Saemi Nakamura

Saemi is both a Holotropic and NeuroDynamic Breathwork facilitator, as well as a Fractal Phenomenology Counselor. 

She is also a best-selling author of 5 books in Japan and her story of coming to the US with only one suitcase and speaking only broken English and the difficulties and challenges that she has overcome has inspired countless Japanese readers to follow their own dreams and manifest their own desired life.

Along with facilitating a few of the Neurodynamic Breathwork Online sessions in the US, she has also brought Neurodynamic Breathwork to Japan and has facilitated both in-person and online sessions in the Japanese language,

Read more

Receiving Knowledge, Support, Wisdom,
and Guidance from Glenn Girlando

Glenn started doing Holotropic Breathwork in 1991 and has been leading breathwork workshops for over twenty years. He’s worked with Michael in Breathwork Online since it’s inception in 2018.

He is the co-founder of a Seattle-based nonprofit with the mission of educating people about breathwork and making it more accessible.

Glenn is passionate about building communities and he brings all his heart, compassion, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of human character to support the students in their journey, as well as contributes massively to our ongoing ALUMNI Students Support Community, maintaining a safe and constantly evolving space there.

“I’ve known since age 19 that the exploration of human potential, self-actualization, and consciousness exploration were my passions…” Read more

Two Additional Exclusive Guest Speakers Sharing their Unique Knowledge