Schedule a Coaching Call

Schedule a Neurodynamic Breathwork® Coaching Call

If you have any questions about your Breathwork experiences, you may schedule a personal consultation with an experienced facilitator for a nominal fee.

All subscribers who have done at least four Breathwork sessions get their first call free.
Before you schedule a coaching call, you should first watch our “Taking Breathwork Deeper webinar. 75% of our subscribers report that they received the answer to their breathwork question from the video, which is located here:

You May Use a Breathwork Coaching Session To:

  • ask questions about anything related to your breathwork experiences
  • get advice on how to overcome blocks and challenges in your breathwork journey
  • get tips on taking your breathwork to the next level
  • experience a safe space to talk about anything related to your breathwork experiences.
  • receive validation, or simply a nonjudgmental witness around your breathwork process
  • learn more about the long-term practice of breathwork
  • etc.

How the Breathwork Coaching Call Works

When you sign up, you’ll answer a few very quick & simple questions about your experience and let us know if you prefer to connect via Zoom Meeting or on a phone call. Then, when we talk via phone or Zoom, your facilitator will listen to your questions and ask a few questions, and will then answer any questions you may have about your experiences in breathwork.


Subscribers: After completing three or more breathwork sessions, subscribers get one free session.
Regular Cost: Subscribers (after their free coaching session): $50.00 for 30-45 minutes;  Non-Subscribers: $75.00 for 30-45 minutes

Scheduling a Call


Schedule a Breathwork Coaching Session

You may currently schedule a session with our senior facilitator Glenn Girlando. He has been doing breathwork for his own personal development since 1992. He’s led workshops in the Seattle area for over 16 years, and he’s worked with Michael Stone and Neurodynamic Breathwork Online since it’s inception in early 2018. He loves having the opportunity to utilize his experiences to support breathers! [Read more]

If you are in need of a coaching call, but can’t find a time that works, you may also reach out to our Integration Support team via email to support you around questions or followup issues that you may have about your breathwork experiences:

A Few Testimonials

  • My Breathwork Coaching call helped me come to a deeper clarity and feel more purposeful in my breathwork sessions.
  • I got a lot out of the call! Lots of practical tips on how to stay present in the experience and not be hijacked by my thoughts. In addition, it was very good to see how much Glenn (the coach) could relate to my experience and provide tips due to his long experience as breathwork facilitator. Excellent and highly recommended!
  • My call gave me a very helpful look at the variations of experiences with breathwork, and a clear understanding of how to work with integration and expectations. Glenn was very gentle, humorous and informative.

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