Breathwork Support


Before Attending Your
First Workshop

Breathwork is a powerful modality which is likely to open you to new and unexplored territories in your inner world. It is very important that you take that into consideration when making the decision to try it for the first time. Towards that end, we ask all participants to commit to reading our Pre-Workshop Preparatory Information (below) prior to attending the workshop. It will tell you mostly everything you need to know going into the session, including how to prepare, the types of experiences you may have, the trajectory of the music, how to get support, and much more.

If you have any questions after reading the Preparatory Info, email us at

Preparatory Information Required For All First-Time Participants

Receiving Support
During the Workshop

Your workshop facilitator will be there to support you throughout the entire workshop. He/she will explain how to do the breathing and other key reminders prior to the session. He/she will answer any questions you may have before starting, and then be available throughout the session via chat to answer any questions you have about your experience. Additionally, during the final portion of the workshop, there will be a sharing group. You’ll have an opportunity to share what happened for you during the experience and receive feedback from your facilitator. You may also ask any additional questions you may have. Your breathwork facilitator will stay as long as necessary to answer everybody’s questions. Also, if any participant has residual tension in their body that was not there before the workshop started, they will be taught how to do pressure release work on themselves to complete the release.

Receiving Support During the Workshop

Receiving Support After the Workshop

We have a variety of resources that you can access to support you after a breathwork workshop.

Visit our “After the Workshop” Support Page

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