Taking it Deeper: Breathwork-Supportive Practitioners

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Sonia Telle, MA, Somatic Psychotherapist and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator (SF Bay Area)

Sonia work with individuals and couples in all areas of human experience: life transitions, trauma, anxiety, grief, spiritual crisis, cultural issues within multicultural partnership. among many others.

Claudia Lewis, MA, LMFT (Los Angeles)

Claudia blends psychotherapy, EMDR, attachment theory and somatic therapies to help heal experiences from the past that are disturbing the present. I believe in our inherent capacity to heal. She works with many sorts of challenges by desensitizing and integrating pain from the past, so that new patterns are formed and over time, neurological wiring changes. This, combined with developing strong skills for self-regulation and anxiety reduction, leads to stability, resilience and awareness in the present.

Brack Jefferys, Ph.D., LPC, LCAS, RN, LMBT (Asheville, NC)

The Center for Spiritual Emergence provides wrap-around, concierge level services to help people live to their fullest potential by providing a transpersonally-based, systems-oriented, body-centered, and trauma-integrated approach to healing spiritual emergence, spiritual emergencies, and addictions. We address the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of our patients’ concerns as well as health and wellness as pathways to wholeness.

Margaret Kirschner, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist (Asheville, NC)

Margaret Kirschner is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), Clinical Spiritual Emergency Specialist – Intern (CSES-I), and Certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapist (E-RYT 500), who specializes in guiding individuals’ mindful emergence from addiction and trauma through yoga. With 19 years of experience as a yoga teacher, she offers an integrated approach to thriving in recovery.

Stacy Claxton, FDN-P, AHP, EFT-P, Transformational Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (Lewisville, Texas)

Stacy Claxton (FDN-P, AHP, EFT-P) is a transformational coach who guides committed action-takers through their biggest physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual blocks so they can heal the past, show up fully alive and confident in the present, and create a healthier, happier, more powerful future. But as an integrative health practitioner she adds the missing piece many traditional approaches lack: body-centered tools to rewire the nervous system for lasting change.
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