NDB Artists

NeuroDynamic Breathwork® Artists

Welcome to our Artists’ Credit Landing Page, where we pay homage to some of the incredible talents who have generously allowed us to weave their tracks into our sets, fostering personal and global transformation and healing. These gifted artists are the sonic architects behind the scenes, bringing harmony and resonance to our journey.

Meet the Visionaries

Byron Metcalf

We are honored to feature Byron Metcalf’s music on our journey.

Byron’s music is a gateway to inner exploration, shamanic journeying, and healing arts. 

We are privileged to showcase Byron’s extraordinary talents as they guide us on our path to personal and global transformation.

Gaiea Sanskrit

We are honored to feature Gaiea Sanskrit’s divine music on our journey.

Gaiea’s music is infused  with authenticity, taking listeners on a mind-altering, blissful journey that is simultaneously captivating and deeply relaxing.

Dwayne Ford

We proudly feature Dwayne Ford's musical legacy in our journey.

With over 65 years of experience in live performance, songwriting, and a rich background in the music industry, Dwayne Ford's enduring passion for music is an invaluable part of our journey of sound and transformation.


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