Cancellation/Refund Policy For Breathwork Online – Please Read Carefully, Per Your Participant Release Agreement, The Below Is Part Of The Terms Of Service Of Your Subscription.  There is also a link to our refund policy for our Facilitator Training Program

Subscribers – If you decide to subscribe to our service, you are required to adhere to our cancellation/refund policy detailed below:

All subscriptions start with a free trial period where you are able to participate in our service on an unlimited basis at no charge.  All subscriptions then renew automatically until canceled.

If you cancel at any time during your free trial period with at least 3 day prior notice (i.e. 3 days before your trial is scheduled to expire) by notifying us in writing by emailing our admin department at:, nothing will ever be charged to your credit card.

After your free trial period, Breathwork Online will start charging you on a monthly basis the appropriate amount for the subscription program that you signed up for until you cancel.  You may cancel your subscription only by notifying us in writing by e-mailing Breathwork Online at If you cancel with at least 72 hours prior notice to your next billing date, you will not receive any further billings. If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice before your billing date, you will receive one additional billing and be subscribed for one additional month at which point your subscription will be canceled.

Important Note:  There are no refunds or partial refunds of any monies already paid under any circumstances. Our Admin Department is not authorized to do refunds of any kind. Please do not ask.

Payments for our Facilitator Training Program

Please click here to see our refund policy for our FTP.

Payments for Individual Workshops

There are no refunds of any payments for individual workshops. However, if you are unable to attend the workshop you paid for, you can email us at and we can transfer the payment to another workshop.  However, once the payment is transferred once, it cannot be transferred a second time.