Support After
The Workshop

Breathwork is a powerful modality which is likely to open you to new and unexplored territories in your inner world.  It is very important that you honestly assess when you may need to reach out for additional support to work with and work through the things you are “integrating” from your breathwork experiences.  As always, strive to attune yourself with your  authentic intuition, and make a strong effort to commit to following up on that inner guidance.  Here are some resources that may be helpful to you.

Receiving Support After the Workshop

Integration Support Email

After the workshop, if you’d like guidance, or if any questions arise related to either your breathwork experience, or about your subsequent experiences related to the session afterwards, please feel free to check in via our Breathwork Online Integration Support Email. We always do our best to respond to support questions within 24-hours of receiving them.

Breathwork Coaching

An additional level of support is also available to those who feel they’d benefit from a personal consultation with an experienced facilitator. You may schedule a Breathwork Coaching Call with one a senior facilitator to address anything on your mind related to your breathwork experiences. Subscribers get one free session but anyone may schedule a call (after their free call, subscribers get a reduced rate). Sessions are available on Thursdays and Saturdays, and we can often fit in appointments during other days & times of the week.

Additional Support: Breathwork-Familiar Therapists & Practitioners

We have a list of recommended practitioners if you’d like to work with someone who has also done breathwork and understands the types of things it can catalyze and how to work with that material.  Check out our list of “breathwork-friendly” therapists, , to work more deeply with the issues/topics which are coming up for you in breathwork.

Read More About Integration

The breathwork session is just the beginning of your experience. Read about Breathwork Integration to help you understand more about how to work with the followup experiences (and why it’s very important.)