I’ve known since age 19 that the exploration of human potential, self-actualization, and consciousness exploration were my passions, and that my field of study would be psychology. Between that moment and now, I’ve explored a wide range of philosophies, religions, spiritual growth methods and spiritual paths. Ultimately, the two that have resonated closest to my soul are breathwork and astrology.


I attended my first breathwork (of the Holotropic variety) workshop at a farm outside of the Chicago area in 1991.  I knew immediately just how powerful breathwork could be both as a tool for healing and for personal self-exploration, and how big it would be in my healing journey. I also had a deep instinct that day that it was part of my life calling — I wanted to incorporate it into my professional work, to help bring to others this amazing modality.

Between 1999 and 2001, I trained with Dr. Stanislav Grof in the Grof Transpersonal Training program, after which I led Holotropic Breathwork workshops in the Seattle area between 2002 and 2016.  During that time I facilitated at more than 160 breathwork workshops, leading 130 of those.

Between 2016 and 2018, I led some small local breathwork sessions in a few locations around the Pacific Northwest and in the Chicago area.  I began working with Michael in his Neurodynamic Breathwork in March of 2018 and I currently facilitate two NDB Online Workshops each month.


I’ve been a student of astrology since the same time, when I had my first natal chart and transit reading by my first spiritual mentor, Ray Grasse.  During my studies, I’ve become more and more struck by the depth and profound subtlety of the archetypal planetary energies which seem to underlie all that we do in life (but which do not dictate fate, in contrast to traditional astrology).  I’ve been surrounded by a lot of amazing astrologers over the years, all of whom I have learned from, especially Steven Forrest (Evolutionary Astrology), and Richard Tarnas (Archetypal Astrology).


I completed a Master’s degree in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle in 1998, which I self-designed, focused on Adult Transformational Psychology & Education.