The Ego Mind and The Breath

The ego mind has no interest in the breath. Why? Because the ego loves things that it will be praised and recognized for. Breathing is too easy. The ego mind cannot proudly say “see how well I breathe!”. ​​​ Nobody will tell you “you are amazing! Your will become famous because you breathe so well!”. Breathing is so natural that ego cannot say it is the “doer” so it has no interest in the breath. That is why if you can stay focused on the breath the ego loses interest.
Whenever you get into your head during the day, as soon as you notice, bring your attention back to the breath, just watch it without trying to influence it and allow your self to feel a sense of profound gratitude for your amazing body intelligence that keeps your breath going day and night without your conscious mind having to do anything.​​ As long as you stay focused on the breath, the ego mind will start to lose its power over you. And, from there expand your feeling of gratitude to all of existence for giving you this amazing body that keeps you alive, that knows exactly how to keep you alive and healthy and works day and night at doing so. And, then, apologize to your body for not treating it as well as you could be treating it. For allowing your ego mind to create negative emotional states which send toxic chemicals into it, for not exercising enough, for eating too much sugar, etc.
If you do this on a regular basis, not only will you start treating your magnificent body in the way that it deserves, but you will start to be more present and to slowly live your life more from a place of gratitude instead of stress and tension.