The Breathwork Yogic Trance

At times during Breathwork sessions, you may experience something called a "Yogic Trance". It's a very relaxed state, in which you may almost wonder if you fell asleep.  You can tell the difference between the yogic trance and actual sleep by how you feel when you "come back". If you…

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How I Manifested My Dream and Built A Worldwide Online Breathwork Community

This is the inside story of how I manifested my dream and started facilitating Breathwork Online Workshops MY PAST I am an engineer, scientist and entrepreneur and I have made a lot of money starting up and then selling various types of "in-person" businesses. I have never had an issue…

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The Breathwork Personal Growth Spiral

Breathwork and Life are like a spiral. You bring your breathwork into your life and your life into your breathwork. But each cycle brings you to a higher level. For example, if in your breathwork, you have some resistance to trusting yourself, usually that is something that you also have…

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Resistance To Deep Breathing

Occasionally, a participant will report that he/she is having a hard time to continue breathing more deeply than normal over more than a few minutes. They may even feel a bit ridiculous thinking "why should this be so hard, it's only breathing, I am breathing every moment?". The opposition to…

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