When You Carry Tension After a Breathwork Session

In breathwork, It is normal and healthy for your body to tense up during a session (especially at the beginning of your journey), it is part of the healing process that over half of participants go through (most feel it most strongly in their hands). The best way for the body to release tension is first to maximize it and that is what your body was trying to do, but it needs time to complete the release and get to a place of relaxation.

If you carry tension after a breathwork session, you can place your hands on the place where you feel the pain and do body release work as follows: a) put your hands on the place on your back where you feel the pain b) push against your hands with your back so you are now creating tension but make sure to keep the back in place with your hands. c) Hold as long as possible and make a loud sound while visualizing the energy release into the universe through the sound.

Beyond that, I would take a warm bath to relax as much as possible and accept what is happening as a message from the body that there is something in there that needs to be released to keep you at optimal health. Then you can do a healing body meditation before going back to bed.

As we say in breathwork: the only way beyond is through.

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