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Breathwork Online is a science-based 2 hr online workshop where you join a Global Community of 65,000 people from 120 countries from around the world to do faster, deeper breathing to evocative music to quiet the ego mind and connect to your “Inner Guidance”.

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Break free from social conditioning

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“Neurodynamic Breathwork is an evolutionary process in breathwork itself and can’t help but add to the evolutionary consciousness of mankind.”

Dr. Brack Jefferys, PhD, LCMHC, LCAS, CEO of the Center of Spiritual Emergence, Therapist and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator

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“This is THE MOST POWERFUL modality I’ve ever experienced…”
“I am SO in AWE. So deeply GRATEFUL…”
“It’s powerful enough to get us to kind of “psychedelics” places…”
“It goes into DEEP DEEP places that I’ve never been able to access through any other type of therapy…”
“It is one of the VERY FEW techniques that helps me go inward versus looking to the outside for the answers…”
“We can get under the chitter-chatter of the talking mind into who WE REALLY ARE…”
“The experiences are SO cosmic, and so…BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION…”
“Breathwork has allowed me to ACCEPT MYSELF FULLY…”

Confirmed by Thousands of breathers

Without question this is the most powerful modality I’ve ever experienced...It allows me to go to a place that I’ve never been able to access through any other type of therapy...the privacy that I can do it in my own’s self-guided...whatever your body, mind, soul needs, - this is the way... A lot of times you’re doing it simultaneously with 100s of people around the world...that energy somehow effects your own journey.

Dr. Tim Write

I found Breathwork Online with Michael Stone and it has just been life-changing. With breathwork you go deep down inside and you work on healing yourself with things that you've pushed down or don't want to deal with... if you're thinking about what to do next, if you're maybe even thinking you wanna be someone different, or you don't wanna feel feelings that you've been feeling I definitely recommend breathwork. It has been, as I said, absolutely amazing and I am so excited to continue the journey...and if you're looking for a sign, this is it. Start the breathwork, focus on self-love, self care...

Lina Noory

"I love that this is a global community.One thing that I love about this silent breathing is you're really encouraged to follow your own inner guidance...the breathwork has allowed for me to accept myself fully...breathwork is an amazing way to gain new perspective on everything that you’re working through in your life."

Sky Cowans

What Michael has created for Neurodynamic Breathwork Online really is quite remarkable. And nowhere else this breathwork is so accessible and so affordable and it really is a transformative experience... This is an extraordinary creation when people can come together across multiple countries many times a week really around the world to heal and grow together… Personally I found a consistent and disciplined breathwork practice really instrumental in my own growth... Breathwork is really relevant to healing and shifting every conceivable aspect of our lives regardless of our blocks or our goals or our past or our present. 

Stacy Claxton, FDN-P, AHD

Participants from over 120 countries confirm the power of the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality!

They report breathwork benefits such as the following:
greater access to inner wisdom/inner guiding intelligence 75%
increased connection to intuition 61%
greater self-awareness 59%
increased ability to relax & Go with the flow 58%
increased connection to Source/Divine 55%
increased trust in self 52%
increased calm & peace 51%