Connecting To Source With Neurodynamic Breathwork – A Message From My Heart To Yours

Connecting To Source With Neurodynamic Breathwork – A Message From My Heart To Yours

The connection that you will feel in an online breathwork session, if you open your heart up to it, can be more powerful than connections that you can get in the “real world”. Almost all connection we get by talking to people and interacting with people in this physical plane is a connection through the filter of the ego mind. Through the filter of wanting to be liked, of wanting to be accepted, of hiding our shadow and our weaknesses, of wanting to be better than others, of wanting to be superior to others.

In the breathwork, your ego mind is de-activated and you connect to your Inner Guiding Intelligence, or, in short, to Source. And it is from Source that you connect to the rest of the group. When you connect from Source, there is no better or worse, we are all One. So, the hundreds of people from around the world who are also diving into Source to find their own truth are all Brothers and Sisters, all fellow Truthseekers. So, once you allow yourself to connect to the group, to allow the group energy to support you, you are always connected if you choose to be. Even if you do find someone in your life for whom you are able to drop the ego mind and really connect with, the ego mind will STILL tell you “well, it worked for this one person, but what about the other 7.5 billion people on the planet?”. But, if hundreds of people from all parts of the world, all religions, all sexes, all belief systems can connect as One, then how can you ego mind justify judging anybody? Once the evidence is there that we can connect in this way, not through in-person ego interaction but through the pure energy of love that transcends space and time, how can the ego mind effectively argue against the truth that we are all One? This is the ultimate surrender.

After your session, if you did not feel the connection, nothing to worry about. It is a process sometimes. The ego mind has us in a vise grip and does not let go easily. Eventually, though, the grip will be broken and the feeling of this ultimate connection will come flooding into your being.

If you did feel it, embody it, journal about it. How did it feel? Where did you feel it in your body? What shape did it have? What size? What texture?

And, every morning when you wake up, set aside 5 – 10 minutes to start your day.

Read through what you wrote in your journal and re-imagine it in as much detail as possible. Really FEEL it in your body. Play some gentle music in the background that you love. And know that you are not alone and you never have to feel alone again. You have never been alone, you have always been connected to Source. Your ego mind was just blocking you from feeling it. And, whenever you feel disconnected, alone, lonely, depressed or anxious, come back and join us for a session to remind you of that. Today, tomorrow and always.

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