How Journaling & Free Writing Can Support Breathwork Integration 

free writing for breathwork integration

Breathwork can sow the seeds for deep healing and transformation, however, in order to receive its full benefits you must integrate your experience. In fact, integration is an indispensable step of the process, and many people miss out on the benefits of their sessions because they fail to properly integrate them. Integration can come in many forms, and two very powerful tools for facilitating it are journaling and free writing.

Journaling for Breathwork Integration 

The next time you have a powerful experience in your breathwork that you feel is important and want to bring into your life, journal about it! In fact, even if you don’t think it was a powerful experience, I recommend you journal about it, because there will almost always be hidden messages waiting to be revealed. Make sure to do this immediately after the session. This is important because breathwork alters your consciousness and you enter a dream-like state and just like with your dreams, remembering what happened can be difficult if you don’t make note of it immediately upon waking.

You want to write it down in a way that will allow you to clearly remember afterward. Include as much detail as possible and make sure to write about not only what happened but also how it felt in your body, and any insights or visions you may have had. Think of it like you’re writing a movie script – you want to be able to paint as clear of a picture as possible. If you don’t fully understand or have insights into your experience immediately after the session, these detailed notes may allow for new insights to arise when you refer back to them in a few day’s or weeks time.

Try Free Writing for Breathwork Integration

Free writing is an excellent exercise not only for integrating your breathwork session but also for deepening your self-awareness. For this exercise, you simply write without stopping or thinking for a set amount of time (typically 10 minutes). Whatever comes up just jot it down without filtering it or trying to make it sound nice, or judging it. Resist the urge to ask: “Does it make sense?,” and just continue to write until the time is up. 

This practice allows you to bypass your ego mind and access your subconscious mind which dictates approximately 95% of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. We don’t have access to our subconscious mind in normal waking consciousness, but breathwork opens up its gate, and by free writing, subconscious material will often surface. This material can be incredibly insightful and open you up to new interpretations and ways of seeing things. It can also help you to process and integrate your breathwork sessions and expand on any insights you may have gained. 

Join a Free Online Neurodynamic Breathwork Session

Would you like to experience more clarity, less anxiety, or greater self-awareness? Or perhaps you’d like to increase your ability to handle stress and cultivate a sense of calm and inner peace. Whatever it is you are looking for, breathwork can almost certainly support you. It connects you to your inner wisdom and in so doing, supports you in releasing what’s not serving you and cultivating your soul desires. 

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