What Creates the Neurodynamic Breathwork Experience?

It is the intertwining of breath, music and surrendering that creates what you experience in the hour long Neurodynamic Breathwork session.

Physiologically – 

The latest neuroscientific research shows that breathwork, in many ways, works through a similar mechanism as psychedelics in that it reduces activity in the Default Mode Network (DMN).   The default mode network, which includes the frontal lobe, is the part of the brain that is responsible for suppression of difficult emotions if it does not think we can handle them (which is generally incorrect–when they were suppressed, we were generally children when we had a much more difficult time dealing with difficult emotions than as adults.  But, the brain still remembers how we felt when we first had the experience and, on some level, does not realize that we are much more capable of handling things as adults). The DMN also is responsible for the creation and maintenance of mental constructs such as the ego and the self, artificial constructs that can serve us in our lives but also make it very difficult for us to connect with our connection to nature and the universe.  With the DMN “out of commission” we can, in some of the sessions, reconnect to this feeling of connection and oneness. 

Psychologically – 

Actively giving ourselves permission to release what no longer serves us as we do just before and during the breathwork session is very powerful. When we say something to our subconscious, it listens!  You will be surprised at how effective this is! People sometimes start having their experience even before the breathing begins just from giving their psyche permission to release. 

The Music –

Music and sound has been used for centuries to support people in entering non-ordinary states of conscious.  The music we use, when combined with deeper, faster breathing has been researched and has been found to be the most powerful available in dropping as deeply as possible into an expanded state of awareness.


If you would like to try a free Online Breathwork session, please go here.

Our live, virtual Neurodynamic Breathwork Online sessions are hosted using the Zoom conferencing software and last approximately 100 minutes.  We offer sessions 4 – 5 times per week, so this is a great modality if you want to create a regular breathwork practice. Click here to find out more about our online breathwork process.

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