Music For Breathwork: How We Create Our Unique Playlists 

music for breathwork - the neurodynamic music setlist

Music inspires, supports, connects, expresses, and some say…even heals. It’s no wonder so many people ask us about the music for breathwork that we use during our online sessions. It’s natural to want to relive and capture those moments of deep peace or release that we experienced during our session. Below we will share about the music we use and our distinctive method for curating playlists that enhance and deepen your journey.

Music for Breathwork: The Neurodynamic Breathwork Approach

Our Facilitators Craft Tailored Breathwork Music Setlists

The music for breathwork that we play is typically unique to each individual session and crafted by that session’s facilitator. Music selection and compilation is an individual process, underpinned by training and craft. Each facilitator brings their own focus, attention, and personality to the song selections. They may use an entire song or just a snippet. Because language tends to pull you back towards your logical, left-brain, traditional music with lyrics is typically not used, and words may be cut out from a part of a song. As a result of this crafting process, we do not keep specific track lists or sets.

The Different Phases of a Neurodynamic Breathwork Music Journey

When creating a “set” to play in one of our sessions, facilitators select different music to support each portion of your breathwork experience. The early music tends to be world drumming and trance music with a strong rhythm to help you get your breathing rhythm established and usher you into a trance state. The music played in the middle of the session is called “journey music,” and while it still has rhythm, it is much more melodic to help deepen the journey. In the third segment of the breathwork journey, the music slows down and is very heartful. This music leads into the final few meditative songs, which are “instrumental” in helping you gently move back out of the session.

We Teach Our Method of Music Selection In Our Facilitator Training Program

In our breathwork facilitator training program we teach the principles of putting together playlists of music for breathwork journeys. We spend one of our two music training sessions by having all trainees bring songs that they love and want to contribute to a collective group music set. Then we put it all together as a group and breathe to it!

Some of the Artists and Songs We Use

During the first part of the session, we often use music by Byron Metcalf, who is a shamanic journey music composer. One of our favorites for a first-track song choice is Byron’s “True Ground”. [Listen to an interview Michael did with Byron]. Then, we might use various movie soundtracks and music by Hans Zimmer. In the later stages of the set, you might hear sacred chants or other relaxing heart-opening tracks.

Want to Explore Music for Breathwork More?

For those of you interested in finding a particular track, or in exploring some of the amazing inspiring music used, Music for Breathwork is a site that has music for a different type of breathwork (Holotropic). Many of the tracks that we use, but not all, are on this website:

What to Do If You Can’t Find the Specific Song that Was Played in Your Session

If you are unable to pinpoint a specific song that touched you in a breathwork journey, take a minute to journal about how the song made you feel. Why were you drawn to it? What happened in the session while it was playing? Write about what you took from the moment. Dive into the emotion of the song. That feeling is available to you always, whether you track down the mix/snippet/song that supported the moment or not.

Have Fun!

We wish you happy exploring. May you find music that inspires and supports you, as you continue to process and integrate your breathwork session!

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