A Beautiful Struggle

Sometimes breathwork experiences can be blissful, sometimes exciting, sometimes gentle but also sometimes they can feel like a struggle.  Once you can open your heart and surrender to all of these experiences and welcome all of them equally, without exception, as part of the beauty and majesty of being in…

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Breathwork Releases vs. Tantric Releases

The Difference Between Breathwork Releases & Tantric Releases From my understanding, Tantra is specifically focused on tension and release of sexual energy. In breathwork, physical releases are only one of a variety of different types of experiences one can have during a breathwork session. People can have rebirthing experiences, transpersonal…

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About the Music We Use in Neurodynamic Breathwork

Music inspires, supports, connects, expresses, and some say...even heals. It's no wonder so many people ask us about the music we use during our sessions here at Neurodynamic Breathwork Online. As music listeners & breathers, we often want to relive and capture those moments of peace or release experienced in…

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What Creates the Neurodynamic Breathwork Experience?

It is the intertwining of breath, music and surrendering that creates what you experience in the hour long Neurodynamic Breathwork session. Physiologically -  The latest neuroscientific research shows that breathwork, in many ways, works through a similar mechanism as psychedelics in that it reduces activity in the Default Mode Network…

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