Breathwork Releases vs. Tantric Releases

Two people doing yoga together in front of a sunset, symbolizing tantric experiences

The Difference Between Breathwork Releases & Tantric Releases

From my understanding, Tantra is specifically focused on tension and release of sexual energy. In breathwork, physical releases are only one of a variety of different types of experiences one can have during a breathwork session. People can have rebirthing experiences, transpersonal experiences, etc. that are not available in Tantra.

With the physical release in breathwork experiences, although they are focused around tension and release, it can happen in any part of the body, legs, feet, arms, etc.  Sexual energy can be brought up for processing and release–it is your life force energy so the strongest energy in your body but it is not the specific focus of the session and for many people, it never comes up for processing in breathwork at all.

In summary, releases of sexual energy during breathwork can occur, and it can be an invigorating or peaceful experience, but it is not necessarily going to be a part of the experience for everyone, every time. If sexual energy comes up for processing during a breathwork session, it is an indicator that your body is ready to process the energy for releasing.

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