Breathwork in a Group vs. By Yourself

The Difference Between Group Breathwork & Solo Breathwork

In terms of doing breathwork in a group or by yourself, I find that, for most people, you can drop deeper into your process and accelerate healing by doing it in a group. The group energy allows your psyche to feel more energetic support and allows it to drop deeper into the healing and personal growth process and the group sharing and the feeling of connection that it creates afterwards can many times be as important as the process itself. Also, your psyche can do a deeper dive with more confidence knowing that if you really need support (even though most times you don’t), that it is available from the facilitator via private chat. It is kind of like getting home owners or renter’s insurance even though you know that it is highly improbable that your house will burn down or get robbed but it still keeps you from worrying and stressing about it internally.

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