What to Do If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed by Strong Emotions or Experiences in Breathwork

Handling strong emotions during breathwork

Breathwork can stir up strong emotions and for some, the experience may feel scary. If this happens to you, it’s important to know you are safe and that everything happens for a reason in breathwork. Take comfort in knowing that breathwork connects you to your inner guiding intelligence (IGI), and your IGI will always give you the exact experience that you need to move towards wholeness in your being. 

You Will Never Experience Something in Breathwork You Aren’t Capable of Handling and Processing

One of the principles of Neurodynamic Breathwork is that your IGI will only bring up what you are capable of handling and/or processing. If it is not ready to be processed, then something else will come up. This is one of the reasons why it is important to not set any intention or try to steer the process in a specific way with your ego mind

Your IGI may create a strong experience during your session, for example, a sense of panic, greif, feelings of insecurity, or the bubbling up of other deep emotions. This happens because your psyche is trying to release the energy that is stuck inside of you. Strong emotions and feelings in breathwork don’t just come out of nowhere – anything that surfaces is already inside of you and ready to be fully felt, processed, and released. However, you have to feel OK to have this type of strong experience because once it comes up, it is important that you process through it and don’t suppress it back into your body. So if a strong experience arises, connect to your inner strength and know you are ready and equipped to handle it!

What to Do If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed by the Experience or By Strong Emotions

While we encourage you to embrace strong emotions and experiences, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you always have the option of slowing down your breath. This will quickly drop you out of the process and bring you back to a normal state of consciousness. You can also reach out for support to the breathwork facilitator via private chat during the session. 

How to Process Deep Inner Child Residues

If you feel something arises that is a residue from childhood, such as a feeling that you cannot take care of yourself, you may want to consider working with one of our facilitators, Saemi Nakamura. Saemi specializes in this kind of work and will help to connect you to the child part of your brain, the “inner child”, through guided meditation. Her website is: https://saeminakamura.com. And if you would like to connect with her and ask questions, her email is: saeminakamura@gmail.com

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