How to Release and Transcend Repetitive Negative Emotions

processing and releasing negative emotions

Sometimes participants have a series of breathwork sessions where they feel overtaken by negative emotions such as sadness or anger, and wonder “Will this ever be complete?” These emotions do not come out of nowhere. When you keep experiencing the same heavy emotion in a session over and over it is a sign that you have repressed that emotion at some point in your life, and it’s stuck in there trying to be released. Once you release it, you will no longer experience it on repeat, and it will evolve into something else. Below are 3 steps for supporting its release.

Let Go of the Judgement & Embrace All the Emotions

It is more effective in breathwork to let go of categorizing emotions into positive and negative. Emotions are merely signals from inside your being that want to be felt and expressed. There is not a positive or negative valence to them. If you do not feel the so-called “negative” emotions in life, you will not feel the “positive” ones either. They are a package deal.  

The distinction of “negative” and “positive” comes from the judging mind.  Any emotion when expressed without suppression and fully released has a beauty of its own. And that goes for sadness or anger or anything else. They are all beautiful in terms of the human ability to feel, and to release, and to let go.

Don’t Try to Repress the “Negative Emotions

If you suppress, numb, or try to avoid the emotion it goes back into your system, and will stay stuck there. You’ll be trapped in a cycle of trying to release, suppressing, and eventually having that emotion bubble up again. This is part of the reason why people get stuck in patterns of negativity in their lives because they do not want to feel it. They keep pushing it back into their bodies and it keeps wanting to get out. So, it creates a never-ending cycle. Sadly, many of these people turn to medications to try and deal with their suppressed emotions, and these medications alter their natural body chemistry. This may make them more functional in the short-term but it is certainly not an effective or healthy long-term solution. 

You Must Feel it to Release It

As long as you let whatever wants to happen, happen and let the emotions be fully felt, they will find a pathway towards release. Once they are released other emotions take their place. If you have been suppressing “negative emotions” for many years, this experience of allowing and feeling may feel difficult at first, but the struggle is temporary and the only way out is to go through it. By facing the feeling, they will finally be processed and released, and this release will create the space that is needed for other feelings to flourish.

Breathwork Provides the Perfect Opportunity to Feel and Release

To return to our question – will I ever stop feeling the same “negative emotions” in my breathwork session – the answer is YES so long as you allow yourself to feel them. As you continue to peel back the layers session by session, those heavier emotions will transmute and you will experience more joy, more peace, and more love in your life as a result. 

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