The Healing Power of Releasing Anger and/or Rage

When you release anger and/or rage, it is incredibly powerful.  You may feel exhausted after the session.  Many times anger and rage are the things that your ego mind holds onto the tightest. Because those are the things that are the most socially unacceptable to release.  Nobody likes to be around an angry person.  It means that you are doing a deeper dive to a deeper level and the stuff that is coming up is very bad for your health to hold onto anger and rage. Ultimately it starts to manifest in physical issues because your body is expending so much energy holding it in.  So, it is incredibly healing for your body when it comes up.  If you have an “anger/rage” release session, after the session, if it still feels like more wants to come out, go to your bedroom shut the door and pound pillows and scream until you feel complete.  After you are complete, show yourself lots of love and compassion and know that you have given your body an amazing favor.

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