Breathwork Exercise For Grounding

Stand on the earth with your bare feet, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. But do not just breathe into your belly. When you breathe in, visualize breathing in all the way from the earth, feeling whatever the earth has to offer – its warmth, its texture, its coolness. Whatever it is willing to give you in that moment just let it flow through your body and then, when you breathe out, let your energy flow back into the earth. Do this as long as feels right (at least 5 minutes). Just creating a beautiful energetic connection with the planet.

And then, for the last minute or two, to complete the exercise, after you have created this beautiful connection with the earth, when you breathe in, visualize breathing in the energy of love from the earth and then, when breathing out, visualize sending all of your anxiety and stress into the healing energy of the earth where it will be transformed back into love. After the exercise, you will feel more grounded, more connected, more calm, more in tune with yourself.