The Inner Guiding Intelligence

  • Post published:January 27, 2021

The underlying principle for Neurodynamic Breathwork is that everybody has an “inner guiding intelligence”, a body wisdom that already has all the answers and that your body already knows exactly…

Letting the Breath Take Over

  • Post published:January 20, 2021

In Neurodynamic Breathwork, what guides the process is the Innate Guiding Intelligence and the body.  As you settle in to begin the process, the instructions are to start by doing…

What Creates the Neurodynamic Breathwork Experience?

  • Post published:January 14, 2021

It is the intertwining of breath, music and surrendering that creates what you experience in the hour long Neurodynamic Breathwork session. Physiologically -  The latest neuroscientific research shows that breathwork,…

Working Through Strong Experiences in Breathwork

  • Post published:January 6, 2021

Breathwork will give you the experiences that you need to create wholeness in your being. It may create a strong experience, for example, even a sense of panic, during the…

Often Times, Deep Sadness is Really Unresolved Anger

  • Post published:December 30, 2020

It's not uncommon for one to experience waves of emotions during breathwork. It's helpful to understand the underlying reasons behind these emotions. Fear and sadness and anger have a very…

Breathwork and Watching The News

  • Post published:October 12, 2020

Having "negative" images can happen in breathwork. if it does, this is the first layer of the onion for you. If you just think logically about it, these are images…

Breathwork and Shamanism

  • Post published:July 9, 2020

Sometimes, participants come to breathwork from a shamanic background. I am familiar with the shamanic worldview as I went through a 3 year advanced Shamanic training with Michael Harner and…

Feeling Emotional After A Breathwork Session

  • Post published:July 9, 2020

Integrating Emotions After A Breathwork Session If you are still feeling emotional after a breathwork session, that is a good thing. Your psyche finally trusts you enough that if feels…

The Breathwork Personal Growth Spiral

  • Post published:July 8, 2020

Breathwork and Life are like a spiral. You bring your breathwork into your life and your life into your breathwork. But each cycle brings you to a higher level. For…

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