How I Manifested My Dream and Built A Global Online Breathwork Community

How I built a global online breathwork community

This is the inside story of how I manifested my dream and started facilitating Online Breathwork for tens of thousands of people around the world. I hope it serves as an inspiration and motivates you to explore and wholeheartedly pursue your true life’s passion.

My Past

I am an engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur and I have made a lot of money starting up and then selling various types of “in-person” businesses. I never had an issue making money, but I had always felt disconnected from the world and was absolutely unable to have a successful relationship.

Discovering Breathwork

About 15 years ago, I discovered Holotropic Breathwork. I had such amazing breakthroughs in my life as a result of my sessions, that I wanted to allow others to have the same experiences. So, I spent 3 years in an intensive certification program to be able to lead in-person Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Los Angeles and share the work.

My Breathwork Breakthroughs

  • I have more energy and look younger than I did when I started doing breathwork 15 years ago (I am currently in my mid-60’s).
  • I have my first successful relationship, 8 wonderful years and counting, after decades of failures
  • For the first time in my life, I feel that the world is a safe place
  • I feel more at peace and more connected to the world
  • I dramatically improved my relationship with my family
  • I am waking up with more energy and passion for life
  • I believe in myself, no more being held back by self-doubt
  • I can allow myself to be more vulnerable and more “real” with others


When I first started facilitating, online breathwork was unheard of and I was only able to offer breathwork workshops to people who lived in LA (or were willing to fly to LA for a workshop). This meant that I had to rent a venue, fly in co-facilitators, etc., which was quite costly. As a result, I had to charge over $200 per workshop to make ends meet and this meant that I was only able to offer breathwork to a very very small percentage of the population.

Receiving ‘The Message’ In A Breathwork Workshop

In 2019, I received a “download” in one of my own breathwork sessions that I was thinking too small and that it was part of my mission in life to bring breathwork to anybody in the world who wanted to experience it. In my breathwork session, I saw myself facilitating thousands of people doing breathwork at the same time from all around the world. And, from them doing their inner work, also creating a shift in the people around them, thereby creating a ripple effect that would transform the planet.

Self-Doubt: Are You Crazy?

After that experience, the first thing that happened was my “thinking mind” came in and said to me “That’s crazy!!”. But, by this time, I had complete trust in my inner intelligence and quieted my ego mind with a simple – “Thank you for sharing,” response. Then I started to really brainstorm how this could actually be done. Clearly, the only way for this to be possible was to do it online. However, I did not know if online breathwork would work and although I had a lot of business experience, I had no idea about how to start an online business.

My Confession

I have to confess at this point that I still had an old-style flip phone. If I ever wanted to send a text, I had to push a button three times for each letter (i.e. the number 2 was for d, e, and f). So writing even a very simple text took about 20 minutes. Also, I am a bit of an introvert and I did not see myself as a person who would be heavily involved with social media, which would definitely be required to make this happen.

Many Of My Friends Said “No, Don’t Do It!”

Then, my friends got involved when I shared what I was thinking of doing and while some of them were supportive, many of them said things like:

  • “What are you doing? You have a comfortable life, living on the beach in LA, this will involve working 50–60 hours per week for maybe many years to get this going. Just go and travel the world and have fun!”
  • “What makes you think you can do this anyway?”
  • “You don’t know anything about this…and online businesses are for young people, you’re 65, you’re too old to learn this from scratch!”

I Must Follow My Inner Guidance

To make a long story short, I did not listen to those friends, instead, I dove in. For me, once I got a clear signal from my inner intelligence, that was the end of the story and I was going to make it happen or die trying, no matter how much time it took or what I had to do.

Following My Passion, No Matter What

I believe this is my purpose in life. Although facilitating 4 live online breathwork workshops a week is very time-consuming and can pose challenges with travel (I cannot travel anywhere that does not have a good internet connection), I do not get tired or frustrated in any way. If anything, I get energized and have more energy than ever before because I am following my passion.

Making My Vision of Uplifting the World With Online Breathwork Happen

It took many months, but I learned what I needed to learn, figured out that it could be done after practicing for months with online breathwork groups of 20-30 people, and started to spread the word. I learned how to use mailing lists, how to market online using Facebook, Google Ads, etc., and how to play high-quality music for large numbers of participants at the same time. After just two years of pursuing my dream, I had tens of thousands of people on my mailing list and participants from over 110 different countries, and was already well on my way to achieving my dream.

So, why am I telling you this story…

Follow Your Dreams – Never Give Up – You Can Make A Difference

First, I want to encourage you to follow your dreams, no matter how big they are or what other people say. Your brain is an amazing creation machine and can figure out how to do pretty much anything if you regularly visualize what you want your future to look like and tell yourself every day that it can be done. Even if you do not know how in that moment – your brain will figure it out.

Heal And Transform Yourself, See The People Around You Shift In Amazing Ways, And Support Planetary Healing

Second, I want to invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery … to be my partner in this amazing planetary shift that will make a huge difference in the world. How? By signing up as a Neurodynamic Breathwork Online subscriber, participating regularly, and integrating your experiences into your everyday life. I found my passion and my purpose through breathwork and so can you!!

Discover Your Passion with a FREE Month of Neurodynamic Online Breathwork

We offer 2-hour online breathwork sessions several times throughout the week so that people can take a deep dive into their inner healing with a consistent practice. If you would like to join one of our transformational sessions, and partake in faster, deeper breathing to transcend your ego, release old stories, and discover your life’s passion, we invite you to register for free! After your first free session, you will receive an email with access to a whole month of free online facilitated breathwork.

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