Working With Your Emotional States In Breathwork And In Life

Working With Your Emotional States In Breathwork And In Life

  • Post published:May 27, 2020
  • Post Category:Integration

In breathwork, you are instructed to use anything that happens in your environment and use it to deepen your journey instead of blaming it for changing your experience. For example, if somebody walks in on you and interrupts your session, instead of getting angry with them, work with the anger internally and use it to deepen your process.

The Outside World Does Not Cause Your Emotional States

In the same way, we have a tendency in life to blame our internal emotional states on something that happens in the outside world and it is never the case. If you just think about it logically, the same thing can happen to two people and they respond to it completely differently. If the outside world caused our emotional states, we would all respond the same. Like, let’s say you are in traffic and someone cuts in front of you, one person will get super irritated and the next person won’t care even though exactly the same thing happened. It is just that one person created a different meaning and story around it. The person that gets aggravated takes it as “the other person is disrespecting me”. That is their story that they have created. So, they have created a story which creates that emotion. The next person does not create that story at all. It is just “Ok, no big deal, I am just back 10 feet in traffic, who cares”. They do not get aggravated. Because they have created a different meaning around what happened.

Use Strong Emotions To Connect With Yourself

So, whenever you feel a strong emotional state it gives you a chance to really connect with yourself and get to the bottom of the stories that you have created that run your life. So, let’s say you are talking to your spouse or son or father and you get emotionally activated, instaed of pushing back, just look inside and see what story you are creating around what happened. And it is really an amazing opportunity for personal growth. Anytime an emotion gets activated in a strong way, there is always a possible learning from it and the person that is out there, rather than blaming the person, treat them like your Buddha, your teacher, because they are allowing you to really learn about yourself in that moment. And, you will be surprised about what their reaction is. If, usually you get reactive with them and instead you say “Oh, thank you for that, you are letting me do my inner work”, they have a hard time staying emotional or angry. It is just a beautiful way to use your emotional states instead of them using you.

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