Feeling Emotional After A Breathwork Session

Integrating Emotions After A Breathwork Session
If you are still feeling emotional after a breathwork session, that is a good thing. Your psyche finally trusts you enough that if feels that you can handle emotions that it has been suppressing for years or decades. Nothing (including emotional states) is “caused” in breathwork. Whatever your Inner Guiding Intelligence (IGI) brings up serves to focus powerful insights for our wholeness and well-being.

Welcome Your Emotions
So, when they come up, welcome them and work with them, they are a gift. They were already there suppressed into your subconscious, disowned parts of yourself, and resulting in:
a) sub-optimal health when so much of your body energy is being used to maintain the suppression and
b) a “ticking time bomb” where the suppressed emotion will pop out inappropriately. For example, if you have suppressed anger, somebody might do something minor, but it triggers the intense anger that is already there and you project your anger onto the person in a much stronger way than is appropriate to what actually happened. You will probably think afterwards, “where did that come from?”
So, if you feel emotions, remember:

Emotions Are Your Friend
Emotions Are Your Friends, They Are Not The Enemy! they are a gift from your IGI that can be used for personal exploration and growth They are your most effective investigational tool to grow personally and transform. Make yourself into an “Emotions Detective”. And, if you make this into a practice, (for those of you who have watched the show), you will make yourself into your own version of Sherlock Holmes, always looking forward to figuring out the underlying origin of your emotional states, what was really triggered, what pattern you can heal in your lives. And, you will get better and better at it.
They are your body’s way of communicating with you and the more you can allow your self to fully feel them the more you will learn about yourself and grow personally.  And, one of the most powerful things you can do in your life is to stop suppressing them into your body when they occur.

Journal And Look For Patterns
So, after a session, if you still feel strongly emotional, the first thing to do is to journal and answer the following questions:
Is this feeling familiar? Have I ever felt this way before? When? When else? When is the first time in my life that I remember feeling this way? Is this a pattern in my life? What thought patterns do I have that bring this emotion up? You create your reality through your thinking patterns, your belief systems and your expectations. The more you can see the causal thinking patterns of your emotional states, the more power you have over your effectiveness in your everyday life. For example, if you feel sad, you may remember back to when you felt sad when your girlfriend or boyfriend left you. Then remember back earlier to when your Father left your Mother when you were a child, then even further, when your younger brother or sister was born and you felt sad that you were no longer getting 100% of your Mother’s attention. So, what you have now found is a thread of similar types of experiences in your life where you had the same emotional reaction and they were all related to abandonment. So, now, multiple apparently unrelated experiences have now emerged as a pattern. Once the pattern is brought to the light of consciousness, it can be worked with and healed.

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