Breathwork and Watching The News

Breathwork and Watching The News

Having “negative” images can happen in breathwork. if it does, this is the first layer of the onion for you.
If you just think logically about it, these are images that we are feeding our mind on an everyday basis through the TV and the newspaper and social media. Normally, we make a lot of effort to feed our body correctly but make virtually no effort to control what images we feed our mind.

For our brain, what we imaging is happening, what we are watching on TV and what is happening in real life are all equally as powerful so it is important to be very selective in terms of what you “feed” it. What you focus on is where your life goes and where your thoughts go. Just imagine how difficult it is for your psyche to stay in a positive uplifting state when it is receiving those kinds of images on a regular basis.

Only something fully experienced can be released so your psyche was trying to get you to allow yourself to fully experience the images so it could release them, and their negative impact, out of your system. Once that is complete, your sessions will shift to other types of experiences, the next layer of the onion….

My recommendation to you is to stop watching and listening to so much negative news, the news is meant to sensationalize things, focuses on the negative, and does not to tell the whole story, it is just one possible interpretation and just that part of it that the producers think will make you want to come back and watch more.

Spend more of the day feeding your brain with more positive images, it will completely transform your life. The more you feed yourself positive images, the more your brain will search out and focus on other positivity of your life…it hates dissonance. If you focus on negative images, it will search for negativity in your life.

I personally do not watch news anymore except for a few minutes in the morning when I look at one newspaper online just so I have a general idea on what is going on in the world. Instead I spend the extra time that I save on the computer doing searches under topics like “gratitude” and “appreciation” and reading those stories. Those stories are just as real, but the news media does not care about them.
It has made me happier and more fulfilled as a human being, I feel much better energy in my body, I am healthier and it has completely transformed my experience of life.

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