During Breathwork, Is It My Mind Or Inner Guiding Intelligence Talking?

inner guiding intelligence

A question sometimes asked by breathwork participants is how to tell whether it’s their mind or inner guiding intelligence (IGI) talking to them in a session. Below we will explore how to distinguish the two. But first we will explain what the IGI is, how breathwork connects you to it, and how the Neurodynamic breathwork approach further supports this connection.

What is the Inner Guiding Intelligence?

The Inner Guiding Intelligence (‘IGI’ or ‘inner guide’), may also be referred to as the Inner Wisdom, the Higher Self, or Intuitive Knowledge. It is a deep-seated understanding that exists within all of us and a sense of knowing that goes beyond conscious thought and logical reasoning. Connecting to our inner guide can provide clarity and direction – it has the answers to what we seek and the solutions to our problems. The IGI can manifest in various ways, such as gut feelings, intuitive hunches, a strong sense of what’s right or wrong, or a profound connection with one’s inner self.

Although we are all born with a strong connection to our IGI, most of us lose that connection as we grow up and it takes practice to reconnect to it. Breathwork’s profound healing and transformative potential stems in large part from its capacity to swiftly and distinctly connect us to our inner guide. This connection is why just one session can oftentimes lead to major breakthroughs for people. And through regular practice, many find that access to their inner guide becomes increasingly available in their everyday lives, further enhancing breathwork’s therapeutic effects.

How We Access Our Inner Guiding Intelligence in Breathwork

The faster, deeper breathing pattern that we use in Neurodynamic Breathwork causes the blood to become more alkaline. This has the effect of reducing activity in a specific part of the brain called the Default Mode Network (DMN). When this area of the brain is quiet, our ego steps aside, and this allows for access to our Inner Guiding Intelligence to shine through. 

Let You IGI Guide Your Breathing

At Neurodynamic Breathwork we are strong believers that your body knows exactly how it needs to breathe during the session. The initial instruction is to breathe deeper and quicker than normal. However, this is only until you reach a point where you’ve connected to your IGI. After that, we encourage you to allow your body to take over and find its own way of breathing. 

There is no “correct” technique as the music set progresses, and everybody’s breath will look different. For most people, the breathing will go in waves. It may be very deep for a while, then more shallow, then deep again … and the session moves forward, as the inner wisdom and the body guide the experience. It’s worth noting here that if your “ego mind” chit-chat comes back in during the session, it means you are dropping out of the process. In such instances, it can be beneficial to redirect your attention towards the deeper, faster breathing for a while until the ego quiets down again.

Enhancing Your Inner Guide Connection with Neurodynamic Breathwork

Neurodynamic breathwork sets itself apart from other breathwork methodologies because we firmly believe that the inner guiding intelligence holds all the answers and we place unwavering trust in it. In fact, the main guidance during a session comes from the participant’s IGI. In contrast to other breathwork practices where the faciliator speaks throughout the journey, we uphold a sacred silence during the actual breathwork session. We do this because we understand that the IGI knows better than we do, and our silence ensures that we don’t disrupt or interfere with the profound guidance of each participant’s inner intelligence. 

Neurodynamic breathwork is a modality of self-empowerment where the psyche is taught to look for the answers from within, as opposed to looking outward for answers. There is support available from the facilitator during the breathing session in case anything comes up that the breather needs help with, but the facilitator only steps in if the participant asks for support. A regular Neurodynamic breathwork practice can lead to the unleashing of a newfound sense of empowerment. And ongoing participants become more confident in their ability to make decisions, solve problems, and navigate the inevitable challenges of life. 

How to Tell if It’s Your Mind or Inner Intelligence Talking in Breathwork 

A question asked by some breathwork participants is: “During my session, I sometimes experience what seems like downloads or inner dialogue. How can I discern whether it’s my ego mind or my inner guide speaking?” 

The key to distinguishing between the two lies in how these thoughts make you feel energetically. If you notice thoughts that appear to constrict or diminish your energy, or if the thoughts carry a tone of discouragement, disparagement, or an overall sense of closing you down, they likely originated from your ego mind. On the other hand, thoughts that expand your perception, build you up, and offer new possibilities are more likely to stem from your inner guidance. 

When you receive downloads that prompt insights like, “Oh, I see now, I can try this to resolve such and such a problem,” you are likely tapping into your inner guidance. Conversely, if you find thoughts like, “This is uncomfortable. Let’s escape this discomfort and watch TV,” it’s a clear indication of your ego mind is at play. In summary, inquire into whether the thought or download is restricting your growth as a human being or expanding your horizons to embrace new possibilities – this is a sure way to distinguish between the ego and the IGI. 

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