What To Do If After Many Breathwork Experiences They Seem To Get Less Intense and Plateau

All sessions are different. It is impossible to project or predict the progression. I have done breathwork for over 10 years and the experiences continue to change with time.

For me, there have been periods of time when the experiences have gotten less intense and more gentle, kind of like being on a plateau or integration phase, only to get deeper and more intense again at a later time.

However, if it stays on the plateau too long, my own experience is that it is a signal to me that I am not pushing myself hard enough in my life to try new things and learn and grow. So, my experience is that when I feel like I am “coasting” in my breathwork sessions, I am “coasting” too much in my life.

When that happens, I start setting bigger goals, pushing myself harder and my breathwork sessions generally get more intense as my fears of failure or looking bad or whatever come up for processing.

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