Bringing Your Powerful Breathwork Experiences Back Into Your Life

For standard integration practices after breathwork, see the blog post here.

However, the next time you have a particularly powerful experience in your breathwork that you feel is important to you and you want to bring into your life and embed it into your being, you can also do the following:

After the session journal about the experience and list every detail that you can remember, including any insights you may have gotten, but mostly how it felt in your body and where you were feeling it and, if possible, giving the feeling a shape, color, size, texture etc.

Then, every day for the next week, first thing in the morning, read through your journal, imagine yourself being in the experience in as much detail as possible and feeling exactly what you were feeling in exactly the same place in your body and do a slow, gentle deep breath for about 3-5 minutes while you are imagining it. If it supports this process, you can also play some very gentle background music while you do this. Many times, it will bring you right back to the experience and “re-imprint” it. Visualize that feeling and visualize sending it to every cell in your body with your breath and enjoy!

Then, start your day with that feeling and bring it into your world.

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