Past Life Experiences In Breathwork

In one session a few years ago, a participant who had been afraid of water his entire life without knowing why, had an experience during breathwork of living in the 1700’s and drowning. It was a particularly difficult experience, feeling like he could not breathe, fighting for air, etc but,…

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Using Your Cat or Dog as a Sitter

Sometimes, during the sharing after an online breathwork workshop, participants share that during the session their dog or cat came into the room and, if it was a cat, jumped on their belly, or, if it was a dog, nuzzled them or made some other type of connection. This is…

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Working With Expectations In Breathwork

Sometimes, it is more difficult than others to quiet the ego mind and let go of expectations for the session. The egoic mind is constantly chattering in your head in your everyday life all the time and blocking you from connecting to source. Just watch those thoughts come and go…

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After Breathwork Watch Your Dreams

Vivid dreams (and/or "nightmares") in the couple of days after the session are an important integration tool. It means that your psyche feels safe to release. You are closest to your subconscious in your dreams so it is important to pay special attention to the content. The dreams are actually…

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Losing Track of Time and Space

Many times in the breathwork, participants report that they completely lost track of the time and that the hour of the breathwork just flew by. This is an experience that many of us very rarely feel. The ego mind is responsible for our mental constructs (which include time and space)…

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Neurodynamic Breathwork and Boredom

Occasionally, I will get a question after an online breathwork workshop by one of the participants, "When the music got softer at the end of the session, I got bored. What should I do?" First, I would say, drop into the boredom, allow yourself to fully feel it, and see…

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Breathwork And Emotional Responsibility

Every Strong Emotion Is An Opportunity For Personal Growth - You can work with your emotions in a way that creates an opportunity for personal growth and deeper self-understanding instead of them using you to create chaos and drama in your life. There are two phases to this: First, use…

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