“How Often Should I Participate In Neurodynamic Breathwork?”

There is no rule about how frequently to join breathwork sessions and you can not do it too much from a physiological level. The frequency is more dictated by when you have integrated your previous experience. If you feel that the experience and any “after processing”, if any, is complete and you feel called to do another session, that is the time to do it. Participants that have a monthly subscription participate anywhere from twice-per-month to three-times-per-week. And sometimes they breathe a lot for a while and then do not do any sessions for a couple of weeks.

Ultimately, it’s best to trust what feels right.

If you would like to try a free Online Breathwork session, please go here.

Our live, virtual Neurodynamic Breathwork Online sessions are hosted using the Zoom conferencing software and last approximately 100 minutes.  We offer sessions 6 – 7 times per week, so this is a great modality if you want to create a regular breathwork practice. Click here to find out more about our online breathwork process.

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