How Often Should I Participate in Neurodynamic Breathwork?

how often should I do breathwork?

How Often Should I Do Breathwork & What Are the Benefits of a Regular Practice?

A common question from neurodynamic breathwork participants looking to fully commit to their journey of healing and transformation is: How often should I do breathwork? Below we will explore the answer to this question and share some of the key benefits of establishing a regular breathwork practice.

How Often Should I Do Breathwork?

There is no solid rule about how frequently to join breathwork sessions and you can not do it too much from a physiological standpoint. The frequency of your sessions should be dictated by your inner guiding intelligence, and it’s best to integrate your previous breathwork experience before jumping into another. If you feel that you have processed and integrated your previous session, and you feel called to embark on another one, then you should!

How Often Do Most Neurodynamic Breathwork Participants Join?

The frequency of participation for people with a monthly subscription to Neurodynamic Breathwork varies widely. Some join a couple of times per month, some join weekly, and others join nearly every other day. And it’s quite common for the frequency to change – sometimes a person will breathe a lot for a while and then will not do any sessions for a couple of weeks. Ultimately, it’s best to trust what feels right for you.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Regular Breathwork Practice?

Each breathwork session stands on its own and just one single session can create a profound breakthrough experience. However, there are several benefits to doing Neurodynamic breathwork regularly. A regular practice will:

  1. Strengthen Your Connection to Your Inner Guiding Intelligence

    The more often you practice breathwork, the more often you will connect deeply to your inner guiding intelligence. As they say in neuroscience – “the neurons that fire together, wire together”. Once your brain starts seeing that the answers are within and uses the neural pathway to your inner intelligence regularly, it becomes easier to access in your everyday life. With continued sessions, you will become less likely to give your power away and look outward for “fixes,” and more likely to find solutions from within. 

  2. Become Comfortable with Vulnerability

    Being vulnerable does not come naturally to many of us – it takes practice to let down our walls and share our authentic selves with others. The sharing circle after our breathwork sessions provides the perfect opportunity to practice vulnerability in a safe space. If you start sharing in the sessions regularly, you will notice that it makes you feel closer to others – and connection is an amazing feeling. You will also notice when others share from the heart, that you feel closer to them. This will naturally encourage you to embrace vulnerability as a beautiful and enriching quality and carry it forward into your everyday life.

  3. Reframe Disempowering Stories

    Everybody projects the cause of internal emotions and the “stories” that our brain creates, onto things that happen in the outside world. If you think about it, this cannot be true. If it was, everybody would have the same or similar emotions when something happens which is not the case. For example, if somebody cuts in front of somebody else in traffic, one person might get really upset and another person might not react at all. It is not what happens but the STORIES we create around what happens that cause our internal states.

    Through your breathwork sessions, you start to see more clearly how projection works and how it disempowers you. For example, some participants have experiences where they re-frame or reinterpret things that happened in their past. They then have a completely different reaction when it comes up in the future. 

    Here’s a specific example: We had a participant who had barely seen or spoken to her Mother for over a decade because she felt that her mother had emotionally abused her as a child. During her breathwork session, she experienced herself being in her Mother’s body when her Mother was young and seeing how her Mother was severely abused by her own parents. After that session, she called her Mother to check and see if what she saw really had happened, and it did!

    As a result of this experience, she completely re-framed her childhood experience from a situation where she thought her Mother hated her, to a situation where she realized her Mother was just passing down an imprint from her own childhood. She shifted from feeling hatred and disgust when she thought about her Mother, to feeling compassion and love. This shift allowed her to reconnect with her previously estranged Mother and they now talk on a regular basis.

    Once you start to have these types of experiences in your breathwork sessions, you can start to consciously re-frame other stories that you have created that are disempowering you in your life.

  4. Learn How to Surrender, Open, and Accept

    Key principles of breathwork include surrender, acceptance, and openness to whatever is happening. The more you do breathwork, the more your brain will “get” how wonderful and effective these principles are. And when you practice breathwork regularly, you will find yourself naturally bringing these principles into your life. This will result in your being more open to life, and instead of resisting things, you will be able to love and appreciate what is.

Experience the Incredible Benefits of a Regular Neurodynamic Breathwork Practice with a Free Month Pass

If you would like to join our transformational 2-hour breathwork sessions, and partake in faster, deeper breathing to connect to your “Inner Guidance” and process and release what’s no longer serving you, we invite you to register for free! After your first free session, you will receive an email with access to a whole month of free online facilitated group breathwork, up to 24 live sessions, which will allow you to continue your journey with the breath and sow the seeds for incredible, lasting change.

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