Breathwork And Loving What Is

Breathwork And Loving What Is

It Is All Part Of The Process

In breathwork, make anything that happens during the session a part of the process, normally there are at least one or two people who share that something happened that interrupted their session in some way—i.e. somebody walked into their room, their cat jumped on their belly, etc. Just embody “Loving What Is” during the breathwork session. For example, if the music drops out for a few seconds, stay with the breath and work thru whatever emotions come through as a result of that. For example, it might be frustration. Let yourself feel fully frustrated, let it really fill your body, and make sounds to release.

Breathwork Mirrors Life

Also, every response you have to something that happens in the breathwork mirrors life….If you get a thought “this is not working the way I want it to, I do not want to do it anymore”, then look into your life. How do you respond when things do not go the way you expect them to or want them to. Do you make them part of the experience of being alive and flow with what is? Or, do you resist what is, get discouraged, and give up? And, this inquiry is not about making yourself is just about noticing how you respond to circumstances in your life and then making a conscious decision regarding whether your responses serve your goals in life or not. Every experience in breathwork (and in life) can be a profound learning experience if you just accept and love what is and surrender to the process.

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