Embracing All Breathwork Experiences: The Key to Transformation

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Though deceptively simple, a single breathwork session can lead to life-changing insights, self-discovery, deep healing, and transformation. Yet, a critical facet often eludes attention: the necessity of embracing all breathwork experiences, including the uncomfortable ones. This article delves into the wisdom of accepting all breathwork experiences and loving what is – for even the disruptive or disconcerting experiences, play an integral role in the healing and personal growth process.

Welcoming Interruption & “Unpleasant” Breathwork Experiences

During Breathwork the breath acts as a conduit between the conscious and unconscious realms. By consciously altering our breathing, we gain access to deep layers of our psyche, release emotional blockages, and attain heightened consciousness. This journey can be profoundly healing and enlightening, but it isn’t always a smooth ride. And when the ride is not smooth – it is a ripe opportunity for growth. In fact, one of breathworks most valuable lessons lies in embracing all experiences, especially the uncomfortable and disruptive ones.

Unexpected disruptions are common in a breathwork class – i.e. somebody walks into the room, the cat jumps on your belly, the wifi or music temporarily drops out, etc. It’s important to embrace it all and just embody “Loving What Is” when this happens. These interruptions hold value as opportunities for personal growth so stay with the breath and work through whatever emotions come through as a result of that. For example, if you feel frustration, let yourself feel fully frustrated, let it really fill your body, and make sounds to release it.

Breathwork Experiences Mirror Life

Every response you have to something that happens in the breathwork mirrors life. If you get a thought “This is not working the way I want it to, I do not want to do it anymore”, then look into your life. How do you respond when things do not go the way you expect them to or want them to? Do you make them part of the experience of being alive and flow with what is? Or, do you resist what is, get discouraged, and give up? 

This self-inquiry is not about making yourself wrong, it is just about noticing how you respond to circumstances in your life and then making a conscious decision regarding whether your responses serve your goals in life or not. Every experience in breathwork (and in life) can be a profound learning experience if you just accept and love what is and surrender to the process

Embracing All Breathwork Experiences, Allows You To:

  • Process & Release Suppressed Emotions: Breathwork often unearths buried emotions, past traumas, and unresolved issues. These may manifest as intense emotions, memories, or physical sensations. While deep discomfort may accompany these experiences, embracing them fully is crucial for healing.

  • Let Go of Resistance and Experience Personal Growth: Discomfort and distractions during breathwork often signal resistance. Our ego-mind strives to shield us from confronting what we’ve avoided. By pushing through discomfort and embracing it, we can break barriers and experience profound transformation.

  • Receive the Full Spectrum of Breathworks Benefits: Every moment in a breathwork journey, even the unexpected ones, contributes to healing and growth. Trusting that everything serves your highest good enables you to surrender fully to the experience and reap breathwork’s rewards.

Closing Thoughts on Embracing All Breathwork Experiences

In the realm of breathwork, every experience, however uncomfortable or disruptive, holds a purpose and an opportunity for personal growth. Embracing all experiences isn’t just a breathwork principle; it’s a philosophy for mindful, fulfilling living. When interruptions or discomforts arise in your breathwork session or life tosses unexpected challenges your way, remember to embrace them. Trust that they serve your highest good and represent opportunities for growth. As you do, you’ll discover that the power of breathwork extends far beyond the session, enriching your entire existence.

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