Neurodynamic Breathwork and Boredom

Neurodynamic Breathwork and Boredom

Occasionally, I will get a question after an online breathwork workshop by one of the participants, “When the music got softer at the end of the session, I got bored. What should I do?”

Drop Into The Boredom

First, I would say, drop into the boredom, allow yourself to fully feel it, and see what bubbles up underneath it. Sometimes it is helpful to just repeat the word to yourself. “bored, bored, bored” with passion. There is ALWAYS something underneath boredom that is waiting to be recognized. Sometimes it is anger, other times, disappointment, other times, frustration. When you find that, dive into it, make a sound and see what happens. But, also important is that we bring our life into our breathwork sessions. If we are bored at some point in the breathwork session, there is almost certainly a pattern of boredom in our lives. Think back over the past week or two and see how many times you have either said or thought “I’m bored”.

Boredom Means Not Being Present

Boredom is a very important state in life because it is a signal from our psyche that we are not being present and not fully experiencing life. Think about it: The fact that the trillions of cells in our body can all work together, know exactly what to do and create this state we call “life” where we can touch, see, hear, smell and taste is a miracle. If we come from beginner’s mind and presence, everything is constantly shifting and changing all around us every moment and is infinitely interesting. As it is said, “You cannot step into the same stream twice”.

Being Present And Feeling Gratitude

So, if you do feel boredom, in your breathwork session or in life, practice on being more present on a moment-to-moment basis. Make it a practice to take a few minutes as many times a day as possible and focus on the breath and make sure that you are doing continuous circular breathing, with no gaps and see what happens. How do you know to what level you are being present in life? It is exactly to the same degree that you feel a deep sense of gratitude on a moment-to-moment basis. No gratitude, no presence. Absolute gratitude, absolute presence.