Your Challenge For The Week – Become More Present By Changing Your Patterns

Your Challenge For The Week – Become More Present By Changing Your Patterns

Part of what makes breathwork so amazing is that you are actually 100% present in the moment, in your body and not in your mind. Your egoic mind is always in the past or the future. your body is always in the now.

Your challenge for this week is the following:

Take some time out of your day to be more present. Most of our lives we are on automatic because we know exactly how to do most of the things we do every day so we are unconscious, living in our mind which is always in the past or the future, a sort of living death.

We get up in the morning and brush our teeth. But while we are brushing our teeth, we are thinking about one of our projects at work later in the day so we are not really experiencing brushing out teeth. Then we take a shower, but we are not really there experiencing the shower, how amazing it feels to have the wonderful warm water drop onto our skin and flow down our body. We are thinking about what we will have for breakfast. That is why sometimes people will say that they were driving and suddenly realize that they had no memory of the last few blocks.

To become more present, try taking time out of your day and do things in different ways than you normally do. When you brush your teeth, do it with your other hand, when you take your shower, be present in your body, focus on your breath and really feel the shower, take a new route to work that you do not know, when you are on your computer, use the other hand to move your mouse, or walk at half-speed so you are forced to focus on what it really feels like to walk as each foot hits the ground. These meditations will force your mind to be present in the current moment.