Continuing To Process After Your Neurodynamic Breathwork Session

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Occasionally, a participant will report that they are continuing to process after the session is over. Lucky them!! They had a deep experience and their psyche is continuing to process even when the ego mind is back. This is an opportunity to develop the skill of “being the observer” and practicing to fully feel experiences in a normal state of consciousness.  You may feel more emotional content coming up now that you have given your psyche permission to release, you may have vivid dreams, you may feel fine all day and then feel something coming up around bedtime because your psyche knows that your ego mind is weakest while you sleep so processing is easier.

For instance, if you feel anxious, allow yourself to fully feel anxious but watch the anxiety as an observer. Don’t get enveloped in it. Be fully present to what is happening in your body and bring it from being a concept (“anxiety”) to a fully felt experience. See what it looks like, where it is exactly in your body, what shape it has, what color it has, how big it is, etc etc. And, just allow it to be, continuing to really experience it instead of conceptualizing it.

You will find that any experience, including this one, when fully felt and experienced, will disappear. Learning how to make this into a practice in your life is one of the many possible benefits of the breathwork experience, and it all comes from something that continues to process after the session is over.

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