Losing Track of Time and Space

Many times in the breathwork, participants report that they completely lost track of the time and that the hour of the breathwork just flew by. This is an experience that many of us very rarely feel. The ego mind is responsible for our mental constructs (which include time and space) and it is only when it is quieted from an experience such as breathwork when we experience a feeling like this. It is theorized that breathwork works in the brain by shutting down the DMN (default mode network), which is similar to the way that psychedelics work. The other way to have this “timeless” experience is to activate another part of the brain called the TPN (task positive network). This also diminshes the hold that the TPN has on us because normally the TPN and the DMN do not operate at the same time. We activate the TPN by putting 100% of our focus on something we are doing. For instance, if we are listening to a beautiful piece of music 100%, that can activate the TPN and we lose track of time or if we do Buddhist meditation and focus 100% on the breath, it can activate the TPN and allow us to lose track of time and space also. That is why it takes a bit of time to get the hang of meditation. Normally, we can focus on the breath for only a short period and our chit-chat mind comes back in, then we have to constantly refocus on the breath. Once we can stay focused for long periods of time, amazing experiences start to happen.