Doing Breathwork, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Breathwork is always a mirror of life.

How many times in our lives do we commit to doing something on a regular basis and then make some kind of excuse not to do it. Like, going to the gym…thoughts might come up such as “I’m tired today, I can do this tomorrow.” “I’m too busy.” etc etc.
But, think about it. Everything we do creates neural pathways and trains our psyche. When we commit `00% to something, almost like a miracle, our brain figures out ways to make it happen when we felt blocked before. When we say we are going to do something and then don’t, we are training our psyche not to believe what we say. We are training our brain not to come up with ideas to manifest what we say we want.

And now, onto breathwork. When you commit to doing breathwork regularly, the ego mind will try and pull the same shenanigans as when you commit to go to the gym or do yoga on a regular basis. This is an OPPORTUNITY to Train Your Brain that when you say something is going to happen, no matter how you feel or what your ego mind is telling you, you will make it happen anyway. This creates powerful new neural pathways and allows you to live your life from a much more powerful place, where making things happen, not making excuses, is the natural state of affairs.