Feeling Incomplete or Vulnerable After a Breathwork Journey?

breathwork journey feels incomplete

Breathwork brings you on an incredibly deep inner journey, one that may take a substantial amount of time to complete. Because most sessions are guided by a facilitator there is a set amount of time allocated to the journey, and it is possible that the breathwork could end before you feel complete. Some people also feel more vulnerable after a session. And if you experience either of these things it’s important to understand how to navigate them so that you can properly integrate your experience and maximize its benefits. 

What to Do If You Feel Your Journey Was Incomplete

If at the end of the session, you feel that it is not complete, first of all, do another session as soon as you can. But in the meantime, go into a space where you can be by yourself (e.g. in your bed or somewhere in nature). Put your hands on your heart, bring your focus to your breath, and breathe slowly and gently. Breathe through your nose and make sure to breathe deep down into your belly. 

This is a relaxing breathing technique that will help to calm your nervous system and slow down the monkey mind. In this relaxed state, more material from your breathwork journey may reveal itself to you, but it will probably be less intense. Continue with this relaxing breathing technique until you feel complete. It likely won’t take long. For many, just 5 to 15 minutes is all that is needed to create a sense of completion and resume normal activities from a grounded and integrated space. 

What to Do If You Feel Vulnerable After Your Breathwork Journey

Being open and vulnerable is part of being fully human and we almost never do that. We are almost always suppressed in some way. We are worrying about looking good, about not making a mistake, about what others will think of us, etc. Breathwork can put us in touch with the true essence of humanity, it can break down our walls and open us up to vulnerability, and it can reconnect us to our bodies. This opening and expansion can leave us feeling vulnerable or more shy after a breathwork because it feels risky to be open like that. But, it is that risk that makes life ultimately worth living.  

So, if you do feel vulnerable afterward, it is a really good sign that you are getting more in touch with your humanity, more in touch with what life is really all about. These are actually very beautiful feelings that we almost never allow ourselves to have. And the best thing to do, is to really be with the feelings! Hold space for yourself. Love yourself. Be tender with yourself. Be present with those feelings and open your heart completely. This self-compassion will pave your way to lasting transformation and allow you to become a shining example for others.

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