Breathwork and Fear

Breathwork is not always “fun”. But, the “fun” experiences in life are not the ones that bring you the most profound realizations and personal growth. Sometimes, it takes courage to process through the experiences that your inner guidance brings up. When fear comes up during breathwork, it is a tremendous opportunity. Work with the fear, embrace it, welcome it. When you feel fear, it is always the doorway, always where you need to go to grow.
Really allow yourself to fully experience and explore the fear. Express it verbally, scream, yell, cry, or whatever feels right in your body. Let it fill your being. Welcome it.
It is already there and running your life under the surface! And now, it is finally feeling safe to come out. There is virtually ALWAYS a “nugget of gold”, a tremendous learning for you on the other side of fear.
This is good stuff!