Breathwork Law #1: Trust the Process

Breathwork starts here. This is the rock-solid, number one most important concept to understand if and when you decide to try breathwork. It underlies everything we do as facilitators, and it should be the first “law” to which your mind returns during any moment of uncertainty you experience during your…

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Working With Resistance in Breathwork

Our ego mind doesn't like big changes So, it creates resistance to them through boredom, fear, anxiety, sleepiness, etc. If you feel like you are having resistance, move forward, you are on the right track! Feeling Stuck? Some People Have All The Luck!! At some point in your breathwork process,…

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Quieting the Ego Mind

If you ego mind comes back in during the session, you have one of two choices. First, you can refocus your attention on the breath, making sure to follow the technique that you started with for several minutes (Deep, diaphragmatic breathing through the mouth, a little faster than normal, with…

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