“What an incredible experience! I had done in-person breathwork before..and was not sure what to expect online. My journey was just as powerful. A deep connection with myself and release of repressed emotions. It was amazing!”

Diana B


“In the last session I had a breakthrough. I was shown how death is just a total release of all suffering, and that I can live completely fearlessly. My inner intelligence also showed me how breathwork can connect me with my body again. This truly amazing experience ended with inviting my biggest childhood fear into the room and defeating it with my hands. I’m so grateful for this experience. And, knowing that this is only the beginning makes me excited.”


…the online breathwork sessions have been helping me with my back problems from a car accident 3 years ago. I get so relaxed after the breathwork that I can stretch like I’m supposed to without pain and now I’m starting to be able to turn at the waist again. AMAZING!”

San Fernando Valley

“I had another major breakthrough during my Neurodynamic Breathwork Session last week. It was my first experience ever of fully loving and accepting every piece of myself. I broke down in tears and finally, finally saw the amazing person that I really am, including the pieces that I have always rejected. I am now integrating this into my life in a wonderful way”

San Francisco

“…..for the past couple of weeks, while there are still evidences of some latent memories that need reprocessing, most of the experience has been of direct communication with my higher self (<-insert whatever term suits you here) and guidance for the future. I have had a vision what my true vocation in life is and have taken the necessary prerequisite steps to begin life on that path. It has been wonderful to find all of this wisdom and guidance, sitting there waiting to be heard. Gratitude”

Andrew S
Los Angeles