“I knew little about Neurodynamic Breathwork Online when I decided to take a workshop. Beginning with my first session, I was able to access a very deep place within myself where many important life lessons were revealed to me. I soon signed up for the all-access path and the work has since become an important and transformative part of my life. In my most recent session, I was able to confront an incident of abuse from childhood that I had been repressing. I was able to return, mentally and emotionally, to the place where it happened and radically transform my own interpretation of the experience. I remembered that during the incident, at a point when I was in mortal danger, I was overcome with a feeling of utter calm combined with the certainty that I would be OK. At the time, I understood how precious and meaningful this realization was, but in the days and weeks to come it was crowded out by feelings of intense shame and the urge to repress what had happened. During my most recent breathwork session (over 35 years later), I was able to reconnect with the sense of divine safety that I had experienced and to recognize what a wonderful gift I’d been given. A very deep part of me was in contact with something divine that day, and through neurodynamic breathwork, I am learning to revitalize and reinforce that connection. I feel excited, hopeful and genuinely optimistic in a way I haven’t felt in many years.” – Bryan, Oct., 2019

…..for the past couple of weeks, while there are still evidences of some latent memories that need reprocessing, most of the experience has been of direct communication with my higher self (<-insert whatever term suits you here) and guidance for the future. I have had a vision what my true vocation in life is and have taken the necessary prerequisite steps to begin life on that path. It has been wonderful to find all of this wisdom and guidance, sitting there waiting to be heard. Gratitude” – Andrew S., L.A.

I had another major breakthrough during my Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Session last week. It was my first experience ever of fully loving and accepting every piece of myself. I broke down in tears and finally, finally saw the amazing person that I really am, including the pieces that I have always rejected. I am now integrating this into my life in a wonderful way” – A. F., San Francisco

“What an incredible experience!  I had done in-person breathwork before..and was not sure what to expect online.  My journey was just as powerful.  A deep connection with myself and release of repressed emotions. It was amazing!” Diana B., Chicago

…the online breathwork sessions have been helping me with my back problems from a car accident 3 years ago. I get so relaxed after the breathwork that I can stretch like I’m supposed to without pain and now I’m starting to be able to turn at the waist again. AMAZING!” – E. R., San Fernando Valley

I wish I had known about this earlier! My life has completely opened up since I started doing your online breathwork, I barely recognize myself..I thank you, my wife thanks you for saving our marriage and God thanks you for offering this amazing gift to the world” – S.R., Los Angeles

In the last session I had a breakthrough.  I was shown how death is just a total release of all suffering, and that I can live completely fearlessly. My inner intelligence also showed me how breathwork can connect me with my body again. This truly amazing experience ended with inviting my biggest childhood fear into the room and defeating it with my hands. I’m so grateful for this experience. And, knowing that this is only the beginning makes me excited.” – A.B., Norway

I’ve done the online breath work about 6 times now and have really started to see a change in my daily life. I notice I have become more in tune with my emotions and really feel my emotions rather than dismissing and discounting them or letting them pass by. A new mental/emotional bridge has started to open up that not only allows for a clear insight to life, but also an improved way of discovering solutions to life’s problems, enhancing creativity and loving deeper.” – Jonathan Toomey, Los Angeles

I started doing Breathwork Online consistently about 2 1/2 months ago and my session today was a powerful turning point. I found myself in a new place.  The process of letting go has facilitated an ability on my part to embrace parts of myself that were previously hidden or suppressed. Toward the end of our session, I experienced a sense, a glimpse, a spark of wholeness deep in my soul.  It was real and profound.  I saw that this state or frequency is going to grow in my life as I continue to do the work of Breathwork and especially integration.  There is nothing better than to be whole, complete and connected within and the work is absolutely worth it!  The goddess within is being born!  Keep breathing,” Rachel Boyer, MA, AMFT

Neurodynamic Breathwork™ Online Time” has become my favorite part of the day!  I have been a Subscriber for three months, during which I have gently, progressively released a substantial amount of stress, anxiety, grief and physical tension that I was carrying in my body.  I am becoming a happier, calmer, more grounded person thanks to Michael’s wonderful, therapeutic program!  As a bonus, my dreams at night have become lucid – I can now see my dreams in color, smell/taste and feel what I touch in the dream.  While I’m dreaming I’m able to direct the dream, wake myself up when I want the dream to stop and remember the dreams when I wake up.  My imagination and creativity are coming back to life after these many years!  IT’s a wonderful group of people from all over the world breathing together, sharing and learning from each other.  I am very grateful to be part of this beautiful group. Thank you Michael” –  Elena

After doing a few sessions of Breathwork Online, I feel that I have finally gotten some insight into how and why I am sabotaging myself in having successful relationships with men. Now that I am actually aware of this previously subconscious block I feel confident that my next relationship will be very different.” – J. N., LA
I have been wrestling with a big decision in my life for over two months going back and forth, back and forth. In the online breathwork session last night, I became totally clear which way to go.  I wish I had found this two months ago, it would have saved me a lot of mental distress!!” – R. N., Los Angeles